FCP Announces Team Promotions

FCP® congratulates the following team members on their leadership and accomplishments, reflected in their recent promotions to the noted positions:

  • Mark Annick – Senior Vice President
  • Moriah Thomas Parker – Senior Vice President
  • Scott Reibstein – Vice President
  • Di Aeschliman – Associate
  • Pamela Jaguaco – Associate
  • Connor Nolan – Associate
  • Emily Orr – Associate
  • Tina Tagliaferri – Associate
  • Patrick Leasure – Senior Analyst
  • Zach Stahl – Senior Analyst

About FCP

FCP® is a privately held real estate investment company that has invested in or financed more than $12.9 billion in assets since its founding in 1999. FCP invests directly and with operating partners in commercial and residential assets. The firm makes equity and mezzanine investments in income-producing and development properties. Based in Chevy Chase, MD, FCP invests both its commingled, discretionary funds and separate accounts targeted at major real estate markets in the United States. For further information on FCP, please visit www.fcpdc.com.