Marie Swift Interviews Mike Bisaro, President and CEO of StraightLine

Mike Bisaro is the President and CEO of StraightLine in Troy, Michigan. He joined StraightLine in October 2004 as a financial advisor and has served in numerous roles throughout the years. In addition to his ongoing service as a financial advisor for individuals and families, Mike has overseen the implementation of educational programs and participant account investment management for all of StraightLine’s higher education clients and many corporate clients.

Mike has presented extensively to employee groups, organizational management, investment committees, professional conferences, and individuals at universities and corporations across the country on fiduciary obligations, retirement plan operations, financial planning, investment management, and general investment education.

In February 2020, Mike and his wife Elizabeth completed their purchase of StraightLine at which time Mike added the duties of StraightLine’s President and CEO to his ongoing role as a financial advisor.

Mike has earned the Accredited Investment Fiduciary™ professional designation (AIF®) fromthe Center for Fiduciary Studies, which is associated with the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Executive Education. He has been recognized as a thirteen-time “Five Star Wealth Manager” by HOUR Detroit and DBusiness magazines (2012 – 2024). He has been quoted in articles on and has appeared on NBC’s The Today Show. In 2021, Mike was invited to join the advisory board of the Registered Investment Advisory Institute, where he works to provide content in the areas of practice management and culture.

Prior to joining StraightLine in 2004, Mike was a financial consultant and financial planning specialist at Wachovia Securities. He graduated Valedictorian from New Mexico State University with degrees in Finance and Marketing and a minor in Political Theory. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Elizabeth, and their two daughters, golf, and the outdoors.

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Marie Swift is Founder and CEO of Impact Communications, a full-service PR and marketing communications firm that works solely within the financial services industry. A prolific writer, Marie’s articles have been published by Barron’s, MarketWatch, Forbes,, NAPFA Advisor, RIA Intel, Financial Planning, Financial Advisor,, Morningstar Advisor, Executive Roundtable Journal, and more. She has been quoted in respected publications such as The Wall Street Journal,, and Investment Advisor magazine.

She is the host of NAPFA Nation, a monthly podcast centered on inspiring conversations and key insights from leaders in the fee-only financial planning profession, and the mastermind behind NAPFA’s Playbook, a virtual training and empowerment series that brings marketing and practice management know-how to life. Her Swift Chat podcast/video series is at

A former caterer and gourmet cook, Marie studied the culinary arts while living in Colorado. She enjoys fine dining and rustic meals, family outings, traveling to new places, and long walks with her husband and kids in beautiful Leawood, Kansas. Becoming a first-time grandma was a 2020 pandemic blessing.

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Interview questions:

Q1: April is financial literacy month, so I’m curious to hear from you today, Mike, as people are wrapping up their tax planning and thinking about being more prepared for the future and whatever their big life goals are, such as putting kids through college or retiring securely, what are some of the most important things that they need to be thinking about to build a successful financial future?

Q2: I watched the clip of you on the Today Show talking about what people should understand about cryptocurrency and digital currencies in general. Is there a way to invest in these more speculative investments and be “safe”?

Q3: Tell us about your company, StraightLine, and what you do for your clients.

Q4: Speaking of your blog, I was cruising through the topics there and I noticed one called how to safeguard your finances using credit freezes. Talk a little bit about that and why being financially literate and knowledgeable about that topic is important especially today.

Q5: Every wealth management and financial advisory firm needs good technology to support their client service promises. What kind of technology do you use at StraightLine now – and how does it help support your work with StraightLine’s clients?

Q6: On your website you say that serving those that serve others is an honor and a privilege for StraightLine. What does that mean?

Q7: As we wrap up today what are three things that you’d like to leave our Citybiz viewers with?

Q8: What’s the best way for people to get in touch?

StraightLine is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor that adheres to fiduciary standards. Based in Troy, Michigan their experienced financial professionals provide a full suite of financial planning, portfolio management, investment advisory, and retirement planning services to clients (both individuals and families as well as employer-sponsored retirement plans) across the country. StraightLine works as an advisor and partner to individuals, families, businesses and institutions to work towards achieving financial success.

StraightLine is a fee-based firm, which means the client pays them for the services they provide. The only time they receive compensation from anyone other than the client is if they are assisting the client with the purchase of any insurance such as a life or long-term care policy. Their position is when a client needs insurance, they would rather the client purchase it through them than through an agent who may not be acting in a fiduciary capacity like StraightLine. In addition to adhering to the SEC’s rules and fiduciary standards, StraightLine has a strong passion for helping others. They offer customized solutions to discerning clients.

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