Java with Jim Interviews Krista Darrell, Founder of Verus Vita Advisory

Jim Ries, Director of Business Development at Offit Kurman, interviews Krista Darrell, Founder of Verus Vita Advisory, which offers executive well-being coaching focusing on holistic development. The company emphasizes integrating life aspects for personal and professional growth. Since the launch in November 2023, Verus Vita has seen significant growth, fostering openness and new experiences through coaching relationships. Krista plans to expand services, collaborate for wellness events, and launch a mastermind group in the next six months.

Krista Darrell’s personal mission centers on being a source of love, light, and inspiration. This mission drives her work at Verus Vita, aiming to help others achieve integration and balance through personalized coaching. The company’s success lies in the blossoming effect on both clients and Krista herself. Future developments include short-term and long-term retainer offerings, industry collaborations, and launching a mastermind group for comprehensive business support. To learn more about Krista and Verus Vita Advisory, visit

Krista Darrell, Founder, Verus Vita Advisory


Jim Ries – Offit Kurman