Peak Physical Therapy & Sports Performance to Offer Pediatric Aquatic Therapy Program at the Weymouth Club

Peak Physical Therapy & Sports Performance, a South Shore practice specializing in unique programs that provide comprehensive treatment in orthopedic, spine and sports medicine specialties, is now offering their Pediatric Aquatic Therapy Program at the Weymouth Club in Weymouth MA

The aquatic therapy is delivered by specially trained physical therapists in a pool setting.  It can also be used in cases where children suffer from a chronic illness, need to rehabilitate after an injury or need help with developing motor skills. The buoyancy of the water can reduce weight-bearing on the body by as much as 80%. It also has a positive impact on motion and flexibility, reduces pressure to joints, and can increase the blood flow to injured areas.

Aquatic therapy can increase strength and range of motion and the water resistance can make it easier to lift limbs up and down strengthening muscles. Performing exercises in the water also helps improve balance and coordination. Performing simple exercises such as holding breath underwater can help improve breath control and respiration improving speech issues. Aquatic therapy is useful in helping children reach developmental milestones such as walking, crawling, rolling and jumping.

Heather Hanson PT is the Director of Pediatrics for the Pediatric Center located at 501 John Mahar Highway in Braintree. A resident of Easton earned her degree in Physical Therapy from Northeastern University. During her career, she has worked in a variety of settings from acute care to outpatient to early intervention. Over the past 15 years, she has focused her career on pediatrics specializing in the development of the child and working with the family to achieve the greatest outcomes. She is passionate about continuing education, working collaboratively with families and making sessions fun for children. She has extensive experience and training in working with babies with torticollis, children with delays in motor milestones, and the prescription of adaptive equipment.

‍Peak also offers the adult patient aquatic therapy at the Scituate Health and Racquet Club in Scituate MA.

“We are pleased to team with the Weymouth Club to off aquatic therapy to a greater number of our pediatric patients,” said Eric Edelman, PT, owner of Peak Physical Therapy & Sports Performance. “Aquatic therapy is a powerful tool in our treatment protocol and we are pleased to expand it to our pediatric population.”

About Peak Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

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