Congruity360 Acquires SEVEN10

Congruity360, a leading data governance and classification provider, further grows its portfolio to include Storfirst360, the industry’s most secure cloud-ready file system migration and information management software, through its acquisition of unstructured data science development experts, SEVEN10.

Congruity360 and SEVEN10 have, respectively, delivered exceptional data migrations via expert services and innovative technology as independent organizations. In coming together, the companies’ joint vision of approaching data governance holistically – at the infrastructure layer where the data “lives,” rather than the commonly marketed application-centric methods – strengthens Congruity360’s commitment to delivering first-class data transformation and cloud-first strategies to enterprise organizations.

Storfirst360, SEVEN10’s fully automated data migration and management software for unstructured data, eliminates costly professional services and time-consuming rip-and-replace upgrades with software-driven, trusted data movement technology. Congruity360 will leverage Storfirst360 to deliver Intelligent MigrationTM services to customers, layering deep content-level classification atop migration projects to reduce redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) and risk data prior to a cloud or on-prem migration. Classification is achieved by running Classify360, Congruity360’s flagship data classification solution, across an organization’s data repositories to provide content-level insight into both structured and unstructured data, including data residing on legacy storage systems. Together, Storfirst360 and Classify360 enable enterprises to maintain business-critical operations while providing full security and maximizing both on-prem and cloud-based storage capacities with an accelerated migration timeline.

“Adding Storfirst360 to our Intelligent Migration process enables enterprise customers to pursue cloud storage workflows with security and ease,” said Brian Davidson, CEO of Congruity360. “By bringing SEVEN10 and Congruity360 together, we’re better positioned to deliver innovative, cost-effective, and reliable data governance solutions to solve complex enterprise data challenges.”

“For nearly twenty years, SEVEN10 has delivered first-class data migration and management solutions with the goal of bringing autonomy to our customers,” said Bobby Moulton, CEO of SEVEN10. “In joining forces with fellow industry veteran Congruity360, we see a future where your data works for you; intelligent, secure, and on-demand.”

Congruity360 will continue to strengthen its core competency of data management and governance, predicated upon profound data classification, by connecting to even more structured and unstructured data sources in the coming months. Partnerships with public cloud providers will drive smoother integration into enterprises’ hybrid-cloud storage strategies by easing the risk and burden associated with cloud migrations.

About Congruity360

Congruity360 is a single-source data governance provider bringing order to data chaos. Our solutions keep enterprise data secure, healthy, and agile, exposing reliable data sets that empower businesses to make intelligent decisions. With a focus on cost savings, simplicity, and efficiency, Congruity360 introduces simple workflows, reduced storage footprints, and maximum productivity to every engagement.