Jason Palmer Pivots Presidential Campaign, Announces TOGETHER!: A National Youth Movement for Political Unity and Cutting-Edge Common Sense

Today marks the dawn of TOGETHER!, a groundbreaking political movement crafted to steer America away from polarization and extremes by mobilizing young American voters to elect a new generation of common-sense leaders from all political backgrounds. TOGETHER! will serve as a force for catalytic change, providing a forum where entrepreneurs, cause champions, political activists, influencers, athletes, celebrities, sponsors, and voters can unite and champion impactful political discourse and actions.

Co-founded by presidential candidate and entrepreneur Jason Palmer, who defeated President Biden in American Samoa; Silicon Valley venture capitalist and bestselling author Deborah Perry Piscione; and CNN/MSNBC political commentator and leadership expert Kwame Jackson, TOGETHER! will leverage new technology to advance cutting-edge, common-sense candidates and solutions focused on the most important issues of the 21st century.


TOGETHER! is made up of two complementary organizations:

  1. TOGETHER! Public Benefit Corporation: A new mission-driven, technology-forward movement that will increase youth voter registration and political engagement. TOGETHER! will provide a stage for entrepreneurs, cause champions, and aspiring politicians to showcase and fundraise for their organizations, connect with like-minded individuals, and garner support for their endeavors. TOGETHER!’s virtual space will transcend geographical constraints, fostering inclusivity and accessibility.

  2. TOGETHER! PAC: A new fundraising vehicle that operates like an index fund to support congressional and state-level candidates who embody TOGETHER!’s cutting-edge, common-sense, and collaborative spirit. This election cycle, the TOGETHER! PAC will support at least 20 young, entrepreneurial candidates from across the political spectrum to grow the Congressional Problem Solvers Caucus and build a stronger collaborative center in state and national politics. Candidates running for office who support the mission of TOGETHER! may apply for financial support at togetherpurple.org.


  1.  Increase Young Voter Registration and Participation — In 2020, fewer than 55% of young Americans voted in the presidential election. By 2032, our goal is to increase young voter participation to above 70%.

  2.  Increase Funding to Cutting-Edge Common-Sense Causes and Candidates — By equipping members with technology resources and spaces to amplify their voices and inspire movements, TOGETHER! aims to increase the total dollars raised by mission-aligned causes and political candidates. Our goal is to grow our platform to 10 million members committed to our coalition by 2032. TOGETHER!-aligned partners will serve as a financial backbone for purple candidates and causes, ensuring that collaborative voices receive nationwide support for their campaigns.

  3.  Foster Political Dialogue and Collaboration — By providing and inspiring venues for young Americans to meet, engage in political dialogue, fundraise, and build lifelong relationships, TOGETHER! aims to propel individuals and businesses to support causes and candidates aligned with their values. We will foster a diverse and potent network capable of catalyzing meaningful social and political change that builds a more just and economically successful world.

TOGETHER! isn’t just a PAC, a technology platform, or an organization. It’s a movement. It represents a fusion of networking capabilities and social capital with the urgent need for political reform. We will bridge polarized political factions by promoting common values, common sense, and common purpose.

Join us as we embark on this journey to reshape the political landscape and nurture cutting-edge, common-sense leadership. Be among the first to join as members, partners, or candidates as we set about building a brighter future for all Americans.


Co-founded in 2024 by Jason PalmerDeborah Perry Piscione, and Kwame Jackson, TOGETHER! aims to rewrite the rules of political engagement through cutting-edge, common-sense solutions that result in increased young voter participation, more funding to aligned candidates, and improved political dialogue and collaboration. Join the TOGETHER! movement at togetherpurple.org.