Peter Angelos and the Open Checkbook Few Knew About

I had but one face-to-face conversation with Peter Angelos, the longtime owner of the Baltimore Orioles who died March 23rd at age 94. It came about because of a photo of a woman hanging by her neck from a tree.

It was the late summer/early fall 1995 and in between filing stories for the Sunpapers on oddballs, bad guys and bluesmen, I sponsored Bosnian refugees in my Greektown neighborhood. A few of them lived with me on Macon Street and I found cheap shelter nearby for a family of five and a few others.

The idea came to me through a trinity of sorts: genocide in Bosnia, the death of a good friend’s father and a marked decline in my neighborhood’s quality of life, this before the gentrification of Canton began edging into Highlandtown and Greektown.