Tradepoint Atlantic Announcement On Recovery Efforts

Tradepoint Atlantic today announced that its site and global logistics center resumed full operations following efforts to assist search and recovery efforts as a result of the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. As noted, yesterday, Tradepoint Atlantic remains in constant contact with officials from Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and the Moore administration. Additionally, communication with shipping companies has increased and plans to accept additional vessel traffic and related cargo are underway.

Earlier this morning Tradepoint Atlantic accepted the Wolfsburg, a regularly scheduled roll-on/roll-off (Ro/Ro) vessel for Volkswagen. This was the first cargo arriving at the Port of Baltimore since the tragic accident on Tuesday.

“Yesterday’s events were tragic and will forever change the landscape of the Baltimore region. Tradepoint Atlantic is committed to being an active partner during the recovery, clean up, and rebuilding process,” said Kerry Doyle, Managing Director of Tradepoint Atlantic. “Our primary focus is providing the facilities needed to expedite channel clearing efforts so that the Port of Baltimore can resume normal commercial activities.”

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