Catania Oils Announces Catania CARES Initiative To Maximize Charitable Efforts

Catania Oils, one of the largest processors and packagers of plant-based oils in the Northeast, today announced the creation of Catania CARES, a charitable initiative that will thoughtfully and strategically delegate the company’s nonprofit giving to organizations and events that align with its mission.

The Catania CARES committee will meet on a regular basis to evaluate funding requests, coordinate community service initiatives, and direct nonprofit giving with the goal of creating a lasting impact on Catania Oils’ community, employees, and customers. By centralizing its corporate giving, Catania Oils aims to maximize the company’s charitable efforts and grow its culture of philanthropy.

Catania CARES will evaluate requests according to five core values:

  • Community: Support local cities and charities through philanthropic partnerships.
  • Action: Take decisive and proactive steps to address challenges, implement solutions, and advocate for meaningful change in our industry and community.
  • Responsibility: Prioritize ethical practices, accountability, and sustainable decision-making, ensuring our actions have a positive impact on our industry and the environment.
  • Empowerment: Strive to uplift individuals, ideas, and communities to help fight food insecurity and increase educational opportunities, and to support organizations dedicated to medical research to cure diseases.
  • Service: Support our community through service by volunteering our time to help improve our environment and the lives of others.

As a family-owned business, Catania Oils understands the significance of working together toward a common goal and believes corporations have the potential to make a difference in society through philanthropic endeavors. Catania Oils has raised over $1.3M for the Jimmy Fund since the inception of its annual Jimmy Fund Golf Tournament for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in 1989 and has donated over 18,000 pounds of food to various causes. The company has also made significant contributions to education, athletics, cancer research, and other local initiatives. In addition to providing financial assistance, Catania Oils volunteers time, energy, and resources to those in need.

“Catania Oils is proud to lead by example and demonstrate how businesses can prioritize philanthropy to make a difference in their communities,” notes President and CEO Joe Basile. “Catania CARES will help us deepen our impact and better support organizations that are transforming our community for the better.”


Catania Oils is a privately held fourth generation family business that expanded from its modest roots in the early 1900’s to a multi-million-dollar supplier of quality oils for bulk, retail, food service and private label customers. The 400,000 square-foot operation located in Ayer, Massachusetts is one of the largest indoor bulk oil processing facilities in the country and combines the latest automation technology with efficient processes and warehouse space to ensure a fair price for the high-quality oils it produces. The company’s tagline, Authenticity in Every Drop, is supported by an in-house laboratory that evaluates the purity of each shipment. For more information visit