Interos Partners with Anglicotech

Interos, Inc., the AI-first supply chain risk management company, and Anglicotech, a leading supply chain technology company for U.S. Government Agencies, today announced their deployment of Interos‘ cutting-edge supply chain risk intelligence as a foundation within Anglicotech’s Supply Chain Resiliency Operations Center (SC-ROC) to strengthen the global defense industrial base and specifically focus on the heavily regulated Agency client-base.

Under the agreement, Interos’ automated supplier risk and resilience platform provides the core risk engine to continuously vet almost 500 million entities for multiple sub-tier threats spanning cyber, geopolitical, regulatory, financial, ESG, catastrophe, and more. The integration evolves Anglicotech’s SC-ROC clients from lagging to leading indicators to pre-empt supply chain shocks at speed and scale.

Anglicotech founder and CEO David Cooper highlighted Interos’ role in fortifying resilience for defense readiness, noting, “We are excited to work with Interos as a proven solution in agency deployments. Interos provides the backbone AI-driven solution for the constant vetting of millions of critical suppliers globally to mitigate risks and avoid disruption. Their best-of-breed technology is foundational to global competitiveness and strategic deterrence. Our joint customers can realize value in under two weeks of signing a contract so Anglicotech’s SC-ROC automates the return on investment each customer makes.”

Interos founder and CEO Jennifer Bisceglie cites the companies’ shared mission to ensure a forward-looking security posture in a dynamic risk environment. “Supply chain risk is a strategic imperative for our country and national security. Real-time visibility, monitoring, and actionability are the only way to maintain mission continuity and take control of risk for true global operational advantage.”

Interos’ award-winning technology aggregates multi-tier supplier data within a single platform to accelerate due diligence, ensure continuous monitoring, and enable reporting. Its integration into Anglicotech’s turnkey SC-ROC solution enables physical and digital supply chain monitoring in real-time, alerting customers with the most up-to-date data on emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

About Interos

Interos is the AI-first supply chain risk management company – helping clients achieve Resilience by Design. Our pioneering scoring and relationship discovery technologies enable customers to automate risk assessment, detection, and response. As the world’s first, and only, automated supplier resilience platform, we map and monitor physical and digital supply chains at scale to protect organizations from regulatory violations, unethical labor, cyber-attacks, bankruptcy, catastrophe, and other systemic vulnerabilities. Interos serves a variety of commercial, government, and public sector customers around the world including a host of Global Fortune 500 companies and from within the members of the Five Eyes nations.

About Anglicotech

Founded over 11 years ago, Anglicotech’s expertise resides at the intersection of Supply Chain and Logistics, Acquisition, and Cybersecurity, across all functions of the DoD Logistics and Sustainment enterprise. The Anglicotech team is part of the community that is actively trying to solve the challenges of Defense Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM).  This strategic partnership provides the government with supply chain analysts equipped with the advanced tools and capabilities to accelerate compliance with new and emerging policy and technology mandates for nth-tier supply chain illumination. These include EO14028, EO14017, NDAA 889, DoD 4140, NIST 800-161, and others.