Java with Jim Interviews Daniel Heck, Growth Consultant at Crews and Co.,

Jim Ries, Director of Business Development at Offit Kurman, and Daniel Heck, Growth consultant at Crews and co., discuss Crews and co.’s unique approach. Crews & co. is designed to help your business increase its revenue, profitability, and salable value. The team has direct ownership experience in businesses ranging from 1 million to 100 million in revenue. Communication within Crews and co. emphasizes openness to challenging conversations. This transparent environment fosters growth opportunities within the company.

Crews and co. is in growth mode amidst stable economic conditions. Plans include releasing a comprehensive manual detailing their successful systems in the next six months. This strategic move aims to make their insights more accessible beyond personal consultations, offering practical guidance for business owners seeking operational success. Daniel’s transition from owning a food service company to joining the Crews and co. team showcases industry expertise. To learn more about Daniel and Crews and co., visit

Daniel Heck, Growth consultant at Crews and co.,


Jim Ries – Offit Kurman