Calque Appoints Michael Bremer as Chief Executive Officer

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Calque, the leader in enabling traditional lenders to offer ‘buy before you sell’ programs and champion of The Trade-In Mortgage, has announced the appointment of Michael Bremer as Chief Executive Officer. Bremer has over 25 years of experience in the mortgage, real estate, insurance, and risk management sectors. Most recently, Bremer was at CoreLogic, where he led CoreLogic’s flood insurance product line before taking a role leading business transformation. During this time, Bremer was responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance and implementing scalable solutions that power the mortgage industry. 

Calque collaborates with established lenders to provide white-labeled ‘buy before you sell’ loan solutions, enabling homeowners to purchase a new property and relocate before selling their home. In contrast to other ‘buy before you sell’ providers, Calque provides comprehensive product support so lending partners can offer their own branded and fully compliant solution that is cost effective for borrowers.

“I am thrilled at the chance to join a company dedicated to alleviating the challenges homeowners face during the homebuying and selling process,” said Bremer. “Calque can help established lenders and real estate agents meet consumer needs without disintermediating them or disrupting their traditional roles. Instead of displacing all of those involved in the homebuying process, we are committed to empowering them to secure the best outcomes for their business and customers alike. I look forward to scaling up the business at Calque; homeowner equity is high, and thousands of owners are ready to start looking for their next property that meets their lifestyle as rates thaw.”

Bremer brings 25 years of experience in building and leading best-in-class products, teams, and services for clients across the mortgage and servicing ecosystem. His deep understanding of the mortgage industry and how borrowers can leverage their home equity will be critical to his role at Calque.

“Michael has a proven track record of scaling the mortgage solutions business, which makes him the ideal candidate to guide Calque through our next growth phase,” said Calque Chairman Jeremy Foster. “With lending partners now live in 48 states and more launching every week, Michael’s experience leading teams to handle high volume while still providing exceptional lender support will be invaluable.”

About Calque

Calque is a fintech company that partners with established lenders to offer ‘buy before you sell’ mortgage solutions that make the home purchase process simpler, less stressful, and more cost effective for homeowners. Calque removes compliance and risk barriers so lenders can safely and compliantly provide mortgage products such as The Trade-in Mortgage™, which streamlines the entire home purchase process from start to finish by enabling consumers to submit non-contingent offers, buy and move into their new home before selling their current one, use the accrued equity on their existing home to increase their down payment and reduce their monthly payments, prep their original home for sale after they’ve moved out, and stress less with a guaranteed backup offer.

Calque is not a lender and does not compete with lenders. Calque works with best-in-class, FDIC-insured banks, credit unions, and mortgage banks in every state across the country to provide compliant ‘buy before you sell’ solutions. To learn more about Calque, visit