Best & Worst Taxpayer Return on Investment in 2024 – WalletHub Study

Tax Day can be a painful reminder of how much we have to invest in federal, state and local governments, though many of us aren’t sure exactly what we get in return. As a result, this creates a disconnect in the minds of taxpayers between the amount of money we need to fork over on Tax Day (April 15 this year) and how much we feel is warranted.

Around 72% of Americans think their current tax rate is too high, according to WalletHub’s Taxpayer Survey. We do know, however, that taxpayer return on investment, or ROI, varies based on where one lives. To determine the states with the best taxpayer ROI, WalletHub contrasted state and local tax collections with the quality of the services residents receive in each of the 50 states. Our data set includes a total of 29 key metrics.