2024’s Cities with the Highest & Lowest Credit Scores – WalletHub Study

With a good credit score being essential for getting approved for loans and lines of credit, as well as securing low interest rates and high credit limits, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on the Cities with the Highest & Lowest Credit Scores in 2024, as well as expert commentary.

WalletHub’s report aimed to find out where Americans demonstrate the most responsible behavior, and it ranked the cities using WalletHub’s proprietary data on residents’ credit scores.

Cities With Highest Credit Scores Cities With Lowest Credit Scores
1. South Burlington, VT (736) 171. San Bernardino, CA (633)
T-2. San Francisco, CA (722) 172. Mobile, AL (632)
T-2. Huntington Beach, CA (722) T-173. Newport News, VA (630)
T-2. Scottsdale, AZ (722) T-173. Memphis, TN (630)
5. Fremont, CA (721) 175. Montgomery, AL (629)
6. Seattle, WA (720) 176. Fayetteville, NC (628)
7. Boston, MA (717) 177. Bridgeport, CT (626)
T-8. Honolulu, HI (715) T-178. Lewiston, ME (624)
T-8. Irvine, CA (715) T-178. Newark, NJ (624)
T-10. Santa Clarita, CA (714) T-178. Jackson, MI (624)
T-10. Overland Park, KS (714) 181. Shreveport, LA (621)
T-10. Burlington, VT (714) 182. Detroit, MI (611)