citybiz+ WealthFeed Closes on $2 Million in Round Led by Thicket Ventures

New York-based WealthFeed, which has developed an AI-powered platform for financial advisors, has announced the closure of a $2 million funding round led by Thicket Ventures and several registered investment advisors, investment bankers and private equity professionals.

Concurrent with the investment, the company handed board seats to Justin Wisz of Thicket Ventures and Joe Jolson, founder and CEO of San Francisco-based JMP Group, and president of the Jolson Family Foundation.


“We set out to democratize AI and big data within the financial advisory space, from the one-person IBD shops to the national RIAs, enabling them with an easy-to-use application that promotes relevant financial advice and the creation of life-shaping connections,” said WealthFeed co-founder and CEO Sam Kendree.

WealthFeed was spun off from Catalyze AI, a predictive analytics lead-generation platform for the real estate industry. It has aimed to help exploit missed opportunities in “money-in-motion.”

“Everyone in wealth management recognizes that ‘money-in-motion’ sparks asset gathering opportunities, yet historically, no scalable means existed for capturing these moments,” Kendree said. To resolve this, WealthFeed has developed an AI-powered Money-in-Motion platform to aid financial advisors.

By leveraging advanced analytics and AI, the platform empowers advisors to not only identify high-converting prospects experiencing liquidity events in real time, but also enrich their contacts with valuable information and monitor existing opportunities within their book of business, said Kendree.

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“This capital round gets us one step closer to providing every advisor with a toolkit of solutions to help solve organic growth problems that have existed for decades,” said Kendree, an engineer from Gonzaga University. He has been associated with Catalyze AI since 2021.

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Justin Wisz started Thicket Ventures as a vehicle for his angel investments, with an initial focus on startups at the intersection of media, AI, fintech and business intelligence. The firm’s portfolio includes seed investments in Robinhood, Yogi, and Kumospace.

Before forming Thicket, Wisz co-founded and ran Vestorly, a content marketing platform to leverage AI for the financial services industry, and AdvisorLeap, a digital marketing firm for wealth management firms. Wisz has been featured on the “30 under 30” list by Investment Advisor Magazine, and the “10 to Watch” by Wealth Management Magazine.