DBOS Raises $8.5M Seed Funding

DBOS, a Cambridge, MA-based developer of a cloud-native operating system, raised $8.5M in Seed funding.

The round was led by Engine Ventures and Construct Capital, with participation from Sinewave, and GutBrain Ventures. In conjunction with the funding, Engine Ventures general partner, Reed Sturtevant, joined the DBOS board.

The company intends to use the funds to grow the engineering team and continue to enhance the fully managed its Cloud transactional computing platform and its components:

  • Open source DBOS SDK currently for TypeScript
  • DBOS Time Travel  Debugger
  • DBOS operating system

Co-founded by Postgres creator Mike Stonebraker, and Databricks co-founder and CTO Matei Zaharia, as well as a joint team of MIT and Stanford computer scientists, DBOS aims to make cloud applications reliable and easier to develop, deploy, and secure. Based on years of joint MIT-Stanford research and open source development, the company offers cloud technology, which eliminates the need for containers and other infrastructure required to run cloud applications on the 30 plus-year old Linux operating system.

The company also announced the release of DBOS Cloud, a transactional serverless application development platform powered by DBOS, which makes cloud applications vastly easier to develop, deploy, and secure.

DBOS Cloud provides:

  • Support for stateful functions and workflows
  • Built-in fault tolerance with guaranteed once-and-only once execution
  • Time-travel debugging
  • SQL-accessible observability data
  • Enablement of cyberattack self-detection and self-recovery