Fulcrum Equity Partners Announces $372M Fund V

Fulcrum Equity Partners, an Atlanta-based growth equity firm, is proud to announce the final closing of Fulcrum Fund V at $372M. Fulcrum’s original target aimed for $300M with a $350M hard cap, but due to investor demand, the Partners decided to increase the hard cap to accommodate new LPs.

“We owe a debt of gratitude to all the founders and executives we invested in through our prior funds who have built and sold amazing businesses. Without them, we would not be oversubscribed in the current fundraising environment,” says Fulcrum Founding Partner Frank X. Dalton. 

Fulcrum has no plans to change its investment strategy with Fulcrum Fund V. However, the fund will be a stronger capital partner for investments by providing additional capital for faster growth, tuck-in acquisitions or shareholder liquidity through their lifecycles. “My cofounders Tom GreerJeff Muir, and I, along with our Partners Jim Douglass and Philip Lewis, will continue to focus our investments on the same types of companies that have gotten us to where we are today – high growth B2B software and platform healthcare services opportunities,” continues Dalton.

While Fund V includes more institutional investors such as insurance companies, endowments, and registered investment advisors (RIAs), it continues the long tradition of including top entrepreneurs and executives as LPs in the fund. In fact, over 150 CEOs and leaders are now part of the Fulcrum family. Founding Fulcrum Partner Tom Greer says, “We are grateful for both the commitment of our LPs and the professional network that our CEO LPs bring to the table. It is a true differentiator and significant value creation driver for our portfolio companies.”

During the fundraise, Fulcrum invested in four companies, Defining Wellness CentersFieldPulseCanvs, and SurgNet Health Partners, and are actively seeking new opportunities to add to Fund V.

“We are tremendously grateful to Fulcrum’s investors and the wider community for their confidence that enables us to do what we love,” continues Greer. “We are eager to continue being the capital partner that we wanted as founders and operators to our portfolio. Let’s do this right.”

About Fulcrum

Fulcrum Equity Partners is an Atlanta-based growth equity firm that gives entrepreneurs the capital and hands-on support they need to take their companies further, faster. Fulcrum invests in healthcare services and B2B tech executives searching for $5 million to $35 million of equity in minority and majority growth opportunities. Fulcrum’s partners believe in building businesses the right way, meeting teams where they are, and helping them imagine a bigger and brighter future by building the right systems, processes, teams, and culture. All of that starts with the right experience, the right support, and the right relationship. Learn more at http://www.fulcrumep.com.