Guardrails AI Raises $7.5M Seed Funding

Guardrails AI, a San Francisco, CA-based AI assurance company, raised $7.5M in Seed funding.

The round was led by Zetta Venture Partners. Bloomberg Beta, Pear VC, Factory and GitHub Fund as well as AI angels like Ian Goodfellow from DeepMind, Logan Kilpatrick from OpenAI and Lip-bu Tan also participated

The company intends to use the funds to expand its engineering and product teams, as well as to continue to advance its products.

Led by CEO Shreya Rajpal, Guardrails AI builds tools to measure, monitor and mitigate AI risks. The company also introduced Guardrails Hub, an open source product that lets developers build, contribute, share and re-use advanced validation techniques, known as validators. These validators can be used with Guardrails, the company’s open source product that acts as a layer for building AI applications that ensures they adhere to specified guidelines and norms. The hub already has 50 pre-built validators including many contributed by a community of individuals and organizations. By combining validators together like building blocks into guards, developers can enforce the correctness guarantees and risk boundaries that are essential to them.

Commenting on the news, Shreya Rajpal said: “With the launch of Guardrails in 2023, we made a foundational commitment that responsible AI development must be transparent and involve multiple stakeholders. As we navigate the evolving landscape of AI risks, Guardrails Hub will serve as an open and collaborative platform, accelerating the discovery and adoption of groundbreaking tools and methodologies for safely adopting GenAI technologies.”