Fair Value Post Dilution For New York Community Bancorp

  • New York Community Bancorp has dropped almost 50% since our last update.
  • The bank disclosed a large goodwill write down, which was literal and metaphorical as investors lost faith in the company.
  • Earnings for 2024 are expected to be poor, with potential losses and higher interest costs.
  • We examine the setup and tell you our favorite way to play it today.
  • I am Trapping Value, and have over 20 years of experience generating options income while also focusing on capital preservation. Together with others, I run the Investing Group Conservative Income Portfolio, which features two income-generating portfolios and a bond ladder.

There are sometimes no prizes for heroics. Sometimes a stock is sold for a good reason and as much as price anchoring makes us think it is “cheaper” than the day before, one must always look at the facts first. Looking at