Brown Rudnick Announces its Second Annual Global Blockchain Conference

Brown Rudnick is delighted to host its second annual Global Blockchain Conference, supported by Global Blockchain Business Council and FTI Consulting.

Join us on Thursday, April 18, for a day of lively discussions on the outlook, trends, challenges and opportunities for the blockchain and crypto-asset industry. The day-long conference will be held at the iconic Pierre Hotel in New York City, followed by a networking drinks reception at the hotel.

Panel topics to include:

AI & Data Privacy – The Role of Blockchain

A discussion of the role blockchain technology can play in solving the challenges to data privacy and data integrity caused by emerging AI technologies, and legal concerns and regulation surrounding both.

What (Useful) Lessons Did We Learn From The Crypto Bankruptcies?

Let’s face it, 2023 didn’t reveal bankruptcy to be a terribly productive place for crypto companies. Most cases ended without reorganization, M&A transaction, or other forms of business preservation. Further, the costs were staggering, and many customers/clients found themselves with dashed expectations. What happened? And, more importantly, how can the industry mature and grow from this experience?

Solutions for Controlling Blockchain and Crypto Liabilities

Blockchain based digital assets, such as cryptocurrency, present a number of risks intertwined with the technology. Many do not fit neatly into traditional risk and insurance solutions. This panel will discuss how to identify and address these issues, to avoid being left with no solutions.

DAOs, “Decentralization” and the Emergence of the BORG

Join Brown Rudnick partner Stephen Palley for a fireside chat with MetaLeX founders Gabriel Shapiro and Alex Golubitsky, as they discuss recent case law and legal developments in the area of decentralization, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and legal liability. They will also explore the emergence of cybernetic organizations (BORGs) as an emerging and alternative framework for thinking of decentralization and governance of autonomous and semi-autonomous systems.

Digital Asset Fund Formation

This panel will discuss the current digital asset fund market, types of digital asset funds, market terms and regulatory issues.

Compliance/Regulatory Updates

The cryptocurrency industry moves faster than evolving regulations can keep up with. This new technology also poses unique complexities to preventing money laundering, fighting terrorist finance and other illicit activities. This panel will discuss trends, headline news and future predictions of where risk and compliance practices are heading for the U.S. and the U.K. markets and how companies can best manage fraud detection and prevention.

Deal Making and M&A

Is it the best of times or the worst of times? We’ve had a long crypto winter where investment and acquisition deal making dramatically slowed. But as the price of cryptocurrencies has recovered, will a robust market return? Or has it returned and investors are already too late? This panel will discuss current trends in crypto deal making, the state of the market, which companies are getting funded, and what the market might look like this cycle.

Decentralized Front-Ends

In the wake of the 0x, Deridex and Opyn settlements with the CFTC, and amid rumors of enforcement against and a lack of clarity in relation to DEX operators by the SEC, protocol developers are looking at ways to deploy decentralized exchange technology without actually requiring centralized infrastructure of any kind at any layer of the stack. This panel will look at how three different projects approach the technical problem of removing all intermediaries, including removing providers of website front-ends or limiting the scope of front-end provision, to ensure users can continue to enjoy the benefits of DeFi.

*Certain segments of the conference may qualify for CLE credit.

If you would like to attend, please email