ZP Land Holdings Companies Obtain Unanimous Landmark Vote Development Slated For The Holladay Half Mile

In a landmark decision that marks a significant step forward for the Holladay community, the Holladay City Council has unanimously approved the rezoning of both 2051 and 2061 East Murray-Holladay Road for Holladay Crest, a new and innovative project in the City’s Professional Office (PO) zone. This approval paves the way for the office/multifamily development by ZP Land Holdings Companies, that is slated to become a beautiful addition to the vaunted “Holladay Half Mile.”

The Zumpano Patricios law firm’s Salt Lake City Office (Zumpano Patricios & Helsten) expanded its Salt Lake City Office operations with the prior purchase of its existing building at 2061 East Murray-Holladay Road.  The law firm has been committed to contributing positively to the community’s growth and development.

The approval of this rezoning request is a testament to the firm’s collaborative spirit with the Holladay community.

Brad Helsten, Managing Partner of the firm’s Salt Lake City Office stated:  “We are thrilled to move forward with our plans to develop a community on the ‘Holladay Half Mile’ that not only meets the professional and residential needs of the city but also harmonizes with the aesthetic and values of our unique community. We extend our deepest gratitude to the Holladay City Council, the Planning Commission, and all community members who have engaged in the rezoning process.”

Holladay Crest, conceptualized with the Salt Lake community in mind, aims to serve as a transitional space that effortlessly blends the residential character of the area with its burgeoning professional environment. With thoughtful design and strategic placement, the development will complement the existing landscape, adding to the unique charm of the Holladay Half Mile.

Joseph Zumpano, President of Zumpano Patricios and Chairman of the ZP Land Holdings Companies, noted with enthusiasm: “We look forward to breaking ground on Holladay Crest and to the continued growth and prosperity of the community.  This development will complement our portfolio of properties across the United States and internationally.  We hope that it will bear the unique and precious local elements that have shown through in our other properties.”

The ZP Land Holdings Companies have a rich history of development and redevelopment of their properties in multiple states and in The Bahamas.  Along with the pursuit of this development, the ZP Land Holdings Companies are in the midst of developing “Counsel Commons” in Downtown Coral Gables, Florida – an approximately 15,000 square foot office complex with Mediterranean features and fountains designed by famed architect Ramon Pacheco, and are completing their unique multi-generational rental project in the heart of the Little Havana, Florida.