Robertshaw’s Master Gas Regulator Now Available for All OEM Gas Stoves

New Regulator Cuts Methane Emissions 90% More Than ANSI Standard

Robertshaw, the global leader in integrated flow control technologies, today announced that its Master Gas Regulator is now available to kitchen stove original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) seeking to increase safety and significantly reduce gas leakage and greenhouse (GHG) emissions from their gas ovens, cooktops, and ranges.

Robertshaw’s new patent-pending Master Gas Regulator incorporates a lockout feature that ensures, when activated, no gas would be supplied to the stove when it is not in use—even if a stove knob is accidentally turned on by a child or pet. When utilized, this lockout feature negates the need for a customer to purchase and install additional child safety covers for stove knobs. Unlike gas regulators from other competitors, this lockout feature is integrated into the regulator itself, eliminating the necessity for OEMs to buy additional components to accomplish the same functionality. Moreover, OEMs have the flexibility to customize how the lockout feature is triggered on the Master Gas Regulator.

The Master Gas Regulator stops the flow of gas from entering the delivery system when the stove is turned off—which is when 76% of most methane emissions occur, according to a publication in Environmental Science and Technology. The regulator cuts methane emissions through its electronically controlled positive shutoff. While the stove is in the off position, the regulator limits gas leakage across the entire system by 90% more than the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) industry standard, reducing it 200 cubic centimeters per hour to 20 cubic centimeters per hour.

“It was almost two hundred years ago when the first commercially-produced gas stoves were designed, and they remain to this day the preferred choice by home cooks and professional chefs alike,” said John Hewitt, Robertshaw CEO. “Today customers deserve access to high performance gas stoves that far surpass safety, energy efficiency, and environmental standards. We are proud to offer innovative solutions, like the new Master Gas Regulator and our gas burners, for kitchen stove manufacturers and customers who are seeking a safer and more sustainable future.”

Robertshaw’s Gas Stove Burners: Enhanced Efficiency, Lower GHG Emissions

Robertshaw is at the forefront of developing more sustainable solutions that prioritize efficiency and emissions reduction. This includes gas stove burners currently available on the market, and those in development.

When paired with the Master Gas Regulator, Robertshaw’s exclusive Dralo, Halo and G8 burners offer a significant reduction in GHG emissions, cutting them by 75%. These burners are designed for easy assembly, cleaner combustion, faster ignition (within 2 seconds compared to the ANSI standard of 4 seconds), and improved performance, such as faster boiling times. All three burners are currently available for kitchen stove OEMs.

Robertshaw is soon launching the G12 high-efficiency top burner, which increases efficiency by 10% and is compatible with future hydrogen blends up to 30%. This initiative aligns with broader efforts to reduce GHG emissions during combustion. Collaborating with the European Commission’s THyGA initiative, the company is undergoing testing and certification to ensure its burners are compatible with hydrogen, supporting the Commission’s goal of transitioning to a 20-30% hydrogen blend.

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