InventWood Brings New Headquarters to Frederick County

Frederick County is poised to become a leading center for cellulose material innovation with the launch of InventWood‘s new headquarters. Today County Executive Jessica Fitzwater announces the arrival of InventWood®, an innovator of advanced cellulose materials, which has leased and is fitting out an 88,971-square-foot facility on Jefferson Station Court with production, research and development, and commercial capabilities.

InventWood specializes in innovating and producing advanced cellulose-based materials, offering a portfolio of high-performance and sustainable alternatives to conventional carbon-intensive materials. Its first technology to market, MettleWood®, is an extremely strong and durable 100% wood material that outperforms steel by being 50% stronger, six times lighter, and lower cost. It also demonstrates exceptional resistance to fire, moisture, fungus, and termites and will be produced from sustainably sourced wood from the region. MettleWood has gained recognition in widely read publications such as Scientific American, Motor Trend, and Nature magazines for its potential to revolutionize a wide range of products, including in the construction, transportation, and consumer electronics industries.

Founded in 2016 as a faculty-led spin-off from the University of Maryland, InventWood was announced as the recipient of a $20 million federal award from the Department of Energy last year. InventWood is actively scaling up its commercialization and production capabilities, producing over 1,000,000 square feet of MettleWood boards and veneers annually starting in early 2025.

“InventWood’s establishment in Frederick County is a milestone toward our commitment to innovation and sustainability,” County Executive Fitzwater said. “This move highlights our emerging status as an advanced manufacturing and green technology hub. We are enthusiastic about the partnership’s positive impact on our community and look forward to seeing how we can use this innovative product in our community.”

Josh Cable, CEO of InventWood, commented, “The engagement and support from Frederick County have been crucial as we continue to grow and expand to meet the increasing demand for our materials. This expansion represents our focus on local manufacturing and job creation to achieve our goals of pioneering a sustainable future with high-performing, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable cellulose materials.”

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About InventWood®

InventWood is a leader in cellulose-based material innovation and development, providing sustainable, high-performance alternatives to traditional materials across various sectors.

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Frederick County is recognized for its commitment to economic growth, workforce development, and innovation, making it an attractive location for innovative companies.