Dr. Honig Joins Legacy as Strategic Advisor

Legacy, the leading provider of at-home sperm testing and freezing solutions in the United States, proudly announces the appointment of Dr. Honig, a distinguished Professor of Urology and Division Chief of Sexual and Reproductive Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine, as a Strategic Advisor.

Dr. Honig’s extensive expertise in male reproductive health and urology will significantly enhance Legacy’s commitment to innovation in the field of male fertility care. With a remarkable background in academia and clinical practice, Dr. Honig brings a wealth of experience to his new role at Legacy.

As the past President of the Society for the Study of Male Reproduction (SSMR) and the Society for Male Reproduction/Urology (SMRU), Dr. Honig has played a pivotal role in advancing research and understanding in male reproductive medicine. Additionally, his contributions as Chairman of the Sexual and Reproductive Committee of the Urology Care Foundation and membership on various urology guidelines committees underscore his leadership and dedication to improving patient care and outcomes.

“I am thrilled to join Legacy as a Strategic Advisor,” said Dr. Honig. “The company’s commitment to advancing male fertility care aligns with my passion for enhancing access to comprehensive reproductive health services. I am eager to contribute to Legacy’s innovative approach and help shape the future of male fertility care.”

In his role as a Strategic Advisor, Dr. Honig will provide valuable guidance and strategic vision to further propel Legacy’s mission of revolutionizing male fertility care. His expertise will be instrumental in shaping the company’s roadmap for continued innovation and expansion in the field.

“We are delighted to welcome Dr. Honig to the Legacy team,” said Khaled Kteily, CEO and Founder of Legacy. “His unparalleled expertise and dedication to advancing male reproductive health will be invaluable as we continue to push the boundaries of at-home sperm testing and freezing solutions.”

Legacy, founded in 2018 at Harvard University, has been at the forefront of providing accessible at-home sperm testing and freezing services. With partnerships across leading health plans, fertility benefits providers, and US military programs, Legacy has successfully served thousands of patients, delivering high-quality fertility solutions with convenience and accessibility.

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Legacy is the largest male fertility clinic in North America, offering customers the ability to test their sperm from the comfort of their home and preserve their fertility for future use. Legacy’s fertility solutions are trusted by leading health plans, employee benefits providers, and the US Department of Veterans Affairs to reduce costs and drive better outcomes by prioritizing male-factor fertility. Founded at Harvard University in 2018, Legacy pioneered direct access to male fertility information, allowing customers to test for semen analysis, DNA fragmentation analysis, STI testing, and cryopreserve their sperm without leaving their homes. Legacy is currently available across the United States and is the only digital fertility clinic to offer both post-thaw analysis and multi-site storage for maximum viability and security of all samples. To learn more about Legacy, visit us at givelegacy.com.