50th American Advertising Awards Illuminates Creative Prowess Of Baltimore Advertising Community

The American Advertising Federation of Baltimore (AAFB) marked their 50th Annual American Advertising Awards, “We’re Off to See the ADDYs” amongst a historic crowd of 314 attendees on Thursday, February 29, at the Baltimore Museum of Industry where they awarded 118 ADDY awards; 29 gold and 89 silver awards. A highlight of the evening was the awarding of $8,000 total in scholarships to Maryland college students, the largest to date.

The American Advertising Awards is the industry’s largest and most representative competition, celebrating the creative spirit of excellence in the art of advertising.

“The creative, strategic talent throughout Greater Baltimore has never been more evident,” said Kathe Flynn, AAFB Board president and creative director at idfive. “This year, we not only awarded the most ADDYS in our chapter’s history, but there’s a spirit of support, mentorship, hope and promise in rising professionals, the future of our industry, which is why we were so honored to award not one but two unrestricted $4,000 scholarships to two incredibly talented students who are movers and shakers in the community.”

2024 Scholarship awardees:

  • William Fortune, University of Maryland Baltimore County for the Carolyn E. Fugett Elevating Black Creative Scholarship
  • Raven Roberts, Morgan State University for the Wendy & Matt McDermott Social Impact Scholarship

Top honors included:

  • LDI Medical by Storyfarm as 2024 Best in Show

At the ceremony, the AAFB also announced the recipients of its prestigious individual achievement awards:

  • Liz Norton, vice president and executive producer at AVOQ for the Crystal Prism Award
  • Susan Levickas, sales representative at Graphtec for the Katherine Mahool Iconoclast Award
  • Ron Ordansa, executive vice president, creative director at Crosby Marketing Communications
  • Michele Selby, president at Media Works, Ltd. for the AAFB Lifetime Achievement Award

The American Advertising Awards competition attracts more than 35,000 entries every year in local competitions. Gold winners at the local level move on to the district competition, competing with agencies from Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Virginia and Washington, D.C. A win at the district level earns a spot in the National American Advertising Awards Competition.

National winners will be announced at the AAF’s conference, ADMERICA, May 30 – June 2, 2024, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The complete list of winners includes:

Gold Awards

  • 186 Advertising, “Prepare for the Fair”
  • Alexander & Tom, “Shenandoah National Park Lewis Mountain”
  • Atlas Restaurant Group, “Order of the Ace Logo”
  • Bully Entertainment, “Speed Zone ‘Digital Dash’”
  • Early Light Media, “A Short Film…About Us”
  • Early Light Media, “Pati’s Mexican Table – Season 12”
  • Early Light Media, “Rowing to the Motherland”
  • Early Light Media, “One Shock Trauma – Lady Brion”
  • GKV, “San Giorgio Website Redesign”
  • Humble & Wallop, “Spokesperson for Your Brain”
  • ICF Next, “BGE’s The Efficient Home Magazine”
  • idfive, “NMAA Website Redesign”
  • idfive, “‘Mason Now’ Advancement Campaign”
  • Lisa Sirbaugh Creative, “Mews on Maxwell Brandmark”
  • Lisa Sirbaugh Creative, “Mews on Maxwell Branding”
  • Mission, “NACAC Blue Jay”
  • Planit, “The Family Tree: ALL-TO-GATHER”
  • Planit, “TORO Haven Microsite”
  • Storyfarm, “LDI Body Bags Campaign”
  • Storyfarm, “YouTold Us”
  • Sympatico Media, LLC, “TuneCore Splits”
  • Tribe, “OBH Bust Head Pale Ale”
  • Tribe, “Big CorkBig Finish Port Series”
  • Viscul, Inc., “FreshDirect: IceMar”
  • Viscul, Inc., “Giant Food: Old Bust Head”
  • Viscul, Inc., “FreshDirect: Hickory Nut Gap”
  • Viscul, Inc. “Giant Food Vendor Story: Dress It Up”
  • Viscul, Inc. “FreshDirect: Foods in Season”
  • Viscul, Inc., “FreshDirect: Adirondack Creamery” 

Silver Awards

  • Alexander & Tom, “Medical Capabilities Reel”
  • Backroom, “Take the High Road”
  • Backroom, “Where Everyone Knows Your Strain”
  • Bully Entertainment, “Confluent’s Data Streaming Saga”
  • Bully Entertainment, “Connected Experiences Platform”
  • Bully Entertainment, “Microsoft’s Data & Golf Experience”
  • Bully Entertainment, “Microsoft’s Human Centered Banking”
  • Early Light Media, “Healthcare for the Homeless”
  • Early Light Media, “Impact Hub – Sizzle”
  • Early Light Media, “Keep the Lights On”
  • GKV, “Chock Full o’Nuts NYC OOH”
  • GKV, “I Like My Coffee Hills Bros. OOH”
  • GKV, “Maryland Lottery – Cash Bash”
  • GKV, “Maryland Lottery – Get Your Fun”
  • GKV, “Maryland Lottery – Home Run Riches”
  • GKV, “Maryland Lottery – Stay Hot”
  • GKV, “San Giorgio: The Right Way to Pasta”
  • Humble & Wallop, “George Washington Catalyst Campaign”
  • Humble & Wallop, “Mark Grillman”
  • ICF Next, “BGE’s The Efficient Home Magazine” (x2 awards)
  • ICF Next, “Homes Are Like People” (x6 awards)
  • ICF Next, “Many Hats” (x4 awards)
  • idfive, “‘All In’ Marketing Campaign”
  • idfive, “Mason ‘Now’ Advancement Campaign”
  • idfive, “MD Food Bank FoodWorks Logo Design”
  • idfive, “Pediatrics Marketing Campaign”
  • Lisa Sirbaugh Creative, “ACNB Corporation 2022 Annual Review”
  • Lisa Sirbaugh Creative, “Bankabox Brandmark”
  • Lisa Sirbaugh Creative, “Bmore Grand Brandmark”
  • Lisa Sirbaugh Creative, “Camp David Private Label Wine”
  • LMD Agency, “U.S. Coast Guard Exhibit: The Wave”
  • LMD Agency, “U.S. Coast Guard Identity Campaign”
  • LMD Agency, “U.S. Coast Guard Logo Design”
  • LMD Agency, “U.S. Coast Guard Recruiting Website”
  • LMD Agency, “U.S. Coast Guard What Makes a Life?”
  • Marketing for Change, “‘With That Too’ Sports Campaign”
  • Marketing for Change, “988 Youth Relief Campaign”
  • Marriner Marketing, “MD Tourism Underground Railroad Ads”
  • Marriner Marketing, “MD Tourism You’re Welcome Campaign”
  • Mindgrub Technologies, “Atlas”
  • Mindgrub Technologies, “BSO AI in A Minor”
  • Mindgrub Technologies, “Visit Baltimore Maze Game”
  • Mission, “555 Penn”
  • Mission, “ArtScape”
  • Mission, “JHU Undergrad Viewbook”
  • Mission, “LightHouse Point”
  • Mission, “monument Marine Group”
  • Mission, “STX Fuse” (x3 awards)
  • works, “[solidcore] Brand Film” (x4 awards)
  • works, “Craftsman – AW&M”
  • works, “Morton.works Demo Reel”
  • Planit, “CareFirst BlueCross Blue Shield ‘With Care’ Campaign”
  • Planit, “CareFirst BlueCross Blue Shield ‘With Care’ TV Campaign”
  • Planit, “Curio Wellness ‘Remedy Store’ Installation”
  • Planit, “Westlake Royal Building Products ‘Almighty Seal’ Print”
  • Planit, “DxNow/Zymot Fertility – Zymot Fertility Tradeshow Booth”
  • Stanley Black & Decker, “NASCAR + DEWALT Race Car Wrap Design”
  • Storyfarm, “Balloons”
  • Sympatico Media, LLC, “1-800-NEXT-STEP” (x4 awards)
  • Sympatico Media, LLC, “TuneCore Splits” (x2 awards)
  • TBC, “TBC x ADA: We Fight to End Diabetes”
  • Three Seas Inc., “2023 AAFB Awards Open”
  • Three Seas Inc., “Making Cents”
  • Three Seas Inc., “The Power of a Knock”
  • Tribe, “Two Tango Brandmark”
  • Viscul Creative, “FreshDirect: IceMar”
  • Viscul Creative, “Giant Food Cares Series”
  • Viscul Creative, “Giant Food: Mas Panadas”
  • Viscul Creative, “The Salvation Army”
  • Vitamin, “Penn-Mar Gala Special Appeal Video”
  • Wide Angle Youth Media, “Bmore Connected Campaign”