Gary Neville Joins Consello Strive as Partner

The Consello Group, a leading global advisory and investing firm, today announced the appointment of Gary Neville, Manchester United Football Club icon and sports media personality, as a Partner in the Firm’s Consello Strive business. Neville will also become Chairman of Strive’s UK business.

Neville played for Manchester United for 19 seasons, serving as the team’s captain between 2005 and 2011. He is one of the most decorated players in the history of English football, having made over 600 first team appearances, as well as winning eight English Premier League titles, two UEFA Champions League competitions, three FA Cups and one FIFA Club World Cup, among other team accolades. Neville is also one of the England national team’s most capped players, having played for his country 85 times.

Since retiring from professional football, Neville has continued to play a prominent role in the European sports landscape, including roles as a broadcaster, coach, and team co-owner (Salford City). As an entrepreneur, Neville has also launched businesses across media, hospitality, real estate development and higher education as part of his Relentless Group.

In his role as Chairman of Consello Strive in the UK, Neville will oversee the company’s efforts to expand the Strive business in the UK marketplace, building on its existing financial advisory business and other services which the company has offered there since establishing its offices and presence in London last year.

Declan Kelly, Chairman and CEO of Consello, said: “Gary is a born leader, world class athlete and successful entrepreneur who takes a self-described relentless approach to all of his professional and personal pursuits. We are thrilled to have him join our team and to help us further build out our presence in the UK in the months and years ahead. We will also be working directly with Gary to expand his business interests in the U.S. and other regions, further building on the very successful career he has developed both inside and outside of football over the last number of years.”

Gary Neville, Consello Strive Partner and Chairman of Strive UK said: “I’m delighted to join Consello and play a prominent role in the Firm’s thriving business. Having worked in professional sports, media and entertainment for more than 30 years, I’ve seen firsthand how this world is evolving through technological innovation, content globalization, and the increasing role of institutional investment. Strive has assembled an exceptional team that is uniquely well-positioned to help corporations, leagues, teams and brands navigate these dynamic industries and reach their full potential.”

Janey Whiteside, Consello Partner and CEO of Consello Growth and Business Development, said: “As we sought out individuals with the track record and tenacity to scale Strive’s operations, Gary stood out as an ideal representation of our Firm’s vision, values and multi-discipline expertise. He has created a legacy in the world’s most popular sport and successfully transitioned into various other content creation, investing and operating endeavors.”

Launched in January, Consello Strive serves as an advisory, investing, IP & content management and leadership development platform to support businesses commercializing and operating in sports, media and entertainment, including corporations, leagues, teams and prominent individuals. In addition to making co-investments with their partners, Strive’s leaders harness their industry expertise and best-in- class proprietary networks to advise clients across business development, brand strategy, technology adoption and other areas. Other Consello Strive partners include seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady; 23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams; two-time NBA champion and NBA Basketball Hall of Famer Pau Gasol; former President and CEO of WW International and Consello Partner Mindy Grossman; and Uber co-founder and Consello Partner Oscar Salazar.

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