Powerhouse Resources Appoints Joe Klecha As CEO

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Power generation maintenance specialist, Powerhouse Resources, announces today they’ve named Joe Klecha, energy industry leader and advocate, as their new Managing Partner, President, and CEO.

Their service offerings span from technical field support and emergency responses to long-term strategic maintenance support and workforce augmentation, with future plans to incorporate construction services and strategic technology support under Klecha.

Joe Klecha has worked in the nuclear industry for over 30 years, serving in various roles from mechanics to managerial, advisory and executive. Throughout his career he has been committed to delivering The Nuclear Promise and helping advance power generation through maintenance strategy, best practice in design and construction, and digitalization. Joe sits on various boards and industry committees, working together with industry leaders to drive change in energy and nuclear.

24 years ago, Powerhouse Resources was created by a group of nuclear industry professionals who saw a gap in the industry’s technical service providers. Powerhouse Resources supports sustainable energy operations by partnering with power generation operators and service providers to provide closely managed, expert-led operation and maintenance/outage support that minimizes downtime and disruption, and increases reliability.

“There are a few foundational pillars that will drive the energy industry forward, stabilize the grid, and support increased demand from clean energy goals – trusted maintenance support that strategically drives reliability is one of those pillars. Operators need long-term maintenance support that enables them to lend their focus elsewhere while still optimizing performance. We fill that gap and have for 24 years. 75% of our contracts are recurring clients. Our goal in the next era of Powerhouse is to continue providing excellent support to our clients, while expanding our portfolio of expert-led services for them.” – Joe Klecha, CEO of Powerhouse Resources

About Powerhouse Resources:

Powerhouse Resources is an energy maintenance services specialist driving sustainable power generation operations by providing technical field support, emergency outage support, and strategic consulting support to nuclear operators and their trusted service providers. Learn more at www.powerhouseresources.com.