Qorvis Appoints Viktoriya Zakrevskaya as Director

Qorvis welcomes Viktoriya Zakrevskaya as a Director. After working in public affairs and strategic communications for 10 years in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, Zakrevskaya is now based in Switzerland, where she brings extensive knowledge of commodities, risk mitigation, and artificial intelligence and tech policy to Qorvis clients.

Zakrevskaya is a founding member and Deputy Chairwoman for Communications at the Ukrainian Gambling Council in Kyiv.

A 2023 Swiss Robotics Day Fellow award winner, Zakrevskaya was executive manager and public affairs advisor to St. Gallen University (Switzerland) Grand Challenge to stress test the EU’s proposed AI regulation. She is finishing her Ph.D. dissertation in gambling regulation at Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.

“Viktoriya Zakrevskaya brings unique perspectives in strategic communications and navigating complex regulatory landscapes to Qorvis. We are excited to welcome her to our international team and look forward to the innovative solutions she will bring to our clients,” said Qorvis CEO Matt J. Lauer.

“I am thrilled to join Qorvis and I share the team’s passion for explaining complex policy and regulatory issues in a simple way,” said Zakrevskaya. “Qorvis keeps a curious eye on developments in the most complex and innovative policy areas around the world, and I am happy to support their professional arsenal with academic and practical experience in compliance and risk management for sectors like gambling and AI.”

Based in Switzerland, Zakrevskaya will work with teams across the agency’s strategic communications, market intelligence, compliance, and marketing practice areas, as well as support business development throughout the U.S., Europe, and Middle East.

Read her recent blog post about her experience at ICE 2024, the global gaming and gambling industry conference in London, and developments in Ukraine’s gambling sector.

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