Nucleus Presents its Psychedelic Series, “Psychedelics: Treatment for the Well and Unwell,” at Soho House Austin on March 7


Nucleus, a venture studio for psychedelics wholly owned by Iter Investments, will present its Psychedelic Series, “Psychedelics: Treatment for the Well and Unwell,” at Soho House Austin on Thursday, March 7, at 7 p.m. CT. Moderated by Iter Investments’ Managing Principal Dustin Robinson, Esq. CPA., the panel will feature Rick Doblin, Ph.D., founder and president of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS); Neil Markey, co-founder of Beckley Retreats; and Lauren Taus, LCSW, founder of Inbodied Life.

Doblin is the founder and president of MAPS. Doblin studied with renowned Psychiatrist Stanislav Grof, MD, Ph.D., and was among the first to be certified as a Holotropic Breathwork practitioner. His professional goal is to help develop legal contexts for the beneficial uses of psychedelics and marijuana, primarily as prescription medicines but also for personal growth for otherwise healthy people, and eventually to become a legally licensed psychedelic therapist. Doblin founded MAPS in 1986. MAPS is a nonprofit research and educational organization that develops medical, legal and cultural contexts, so people can benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana. MAPS sees a world where psychedelics and marijuana are legally and safely used for peoples’ benefits.

Markey is the co-founder and CEO of Beckley Retreats, a holistic wellbeing company that merges science-backed benefits of psychedelics with supportive, contemplative practices that support holistic wellbeing. At Beckley Retreats, Markey is dedicated to building a business that operates with the utmost integrity, both internally and across the many communities the business touches. A Captain in the U.S. Army Special Operations 2nd Ranger Battalion, Markey was once deployed to Iraq and twice to Afghanistan. During this time, he was faced with depression and PTSD, which led him to alternative practices and marked the start of a profound healing journey with psychedelics and mindfulness.

Taus is the founder of Inbodied Life, a psychedelic education and training platform that provides evidence-based guidance to practitioners and patients. As an educator and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapist, she integrates modern science and ancient wisdom to support personal transformation and systemic change. Taus is licensed as a clinical therapist in New York and California and believes that life – and good psychotherapy – is psychedelic. She is trained by MAPS, the Ketamine Training Center and in the shamanic realms.

Robinson is the managing principal of psychedelics venture capital firm Iter Investments; founding partner of psychedelics and cannabis law firm Mr. Cannabis Law; co-founder of psychedelics non-profit Mr. Psychedelic Law; and co-founder of psychedelics data ecosystem Nucleus. He is a leader within the psychedelic ecosystem and has been ranked by Psychedelic Invest as the Top 100 Most Influential People in Psychedelics.

Launched in June 2021 by Robinson and Sam Baum, the Psychedelic Series features experts in the psychedelics space including CEOs, doctors, lawyers and celebrities. The panel originated at Soho Beach House Miami and expanded to locations throughout the country including New York, Nashville, Chicago and California, as well as internationally in London and Amsterdam.


Thursday, March 7 at 7 p.m. CT.


Soho House Austin

1011 S Congress, Building 2, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78704


The event is private and only open to Soho House members.

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Nucleus is a venture studio creating brands in the growing psychedelics industry. Nucleus has built 12 brands that bridge industry gaps in media, data, and technology. The data platform, Neuly, powers the ecosystem while Psychedelic Invest serves as a content network for those curious to learn more about the psychedelics industry. Nucleus has also developed a marketing platform, a directory of practitioners, and a blockchain protocol, to further support the many ways Nucleus can power the industry on its way to help millions of people find the right treatments, experiences, and overall well-being. For more information, visit

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