Fortnight Collective Goes “Minnesota Nice” for Fargo-Based Wellness Company Swanson

Brand storytelling and strategic advertising agency Fortnight Collective has created “You Be Well, Now,” a brand refresh for Fargo, North Dakota-based Swanson Health. The digital- and print-based work is intended to raise awareness and consideration of Swanson by celebrating its Midwestern roots and values. Fortnight won the assignment in July.

The campaign features a local lady who’s filled with pep as she goes merrily about her town talking into the camera about the benefits of Swanson while doing good deeds. There’s a 60-second execution along with a :30, a :15, and a :06.

“Wellness experts from the Midwest,” she says/asks while standing in the middle of a cornfield in the latter. “You betcha!” In the long-form spot, she goes about town telling Swanson’s backstory and handing out supplements to local townsfolk. The ad is sweetened with stop-motion photography and perky music.

Swanson Health Products – You Be Well, Now

The woman is demonstrating what is known as “Midwestern Nice,” a trope used to describe the unusually earnest outlook and friendly behavior associated with people from the region even in the most precarious situations. Nothing goes awry in this spot—but it appears that our plucky subject would carry on touting vitamins and delivering her home-cooked casseroles to neighbors even if she were hit by a North Dakota snow storm.

The effort is considered a complete brand refresh. “The work carves out a unique brand position in the wellness industry with this regional approach,” said Andrea Crass, Chief Marketing Officer. “It sets Fargo, Swanson’s home, as the epicenter of health and wellness and dispels the myth that innovation in health and wellness only happens on the coasts.”

Swanson Health Products – You Be Well, Now

“It’s not every day you get to reinvigorate your 55 year-old brand,” said Erin Del Ponte, SVP Marketing. “Our creative partners at Fortnight Collective brought a level of polish that helped us shine to truly unlock the authenticity and uniqueness of Swanson Vitamins.”

Led by an in-house team of pharmacists, scientists and nutritionists, Swanson offers over 1,600 of their own branded products across 36 categories. Swanson Health products are rigorously tested to ensure quality, purity, potency and reliability. The line harnesses ingredients and formulas at the forefront of wellness to deliver natural solutions for mind, body and home.

Client:  Swanson
§  Client Team: Andrea Crass, Erin Del Ponte, Whitney Baumgartner, Kat Dayton, Chris Weston
§  Campaign Title: You Be Well, Now
§  Agency: Fortnight Collective
§  Creative Director(s):  Mona Hasan, Travis Brown, Jim Heekin
§  Account Service: Devin Reiter, Lauren Kotz

§  Production Company & City: Lumenati Productions, Denver CO
§  Head of Production: Alex Rodriguez
§  Director: Evan Swinehart
§  Executive Producer (production co): Cameron Grimes
§  Producer (production co): Justin Springer
§  Director of Photography: Brad Conner
§  Post Production & City: Lumenati Productions, Denver CO
§  Post Producer:  Allie O’Neill
§  Editorial Company & City: Lumenati Productions, Denver CO
§  Editor: Jeff Wilson
§  Assistant Editor: Josi Robinson
§  Colorist: Pinto Pictures
§  Post Audio: Coupe
§  Sound Design Company & City: Coupe, Denver CO
§  Animation Company & City: SPILLT, Denver CO
§  Animation Company Executive Producer: Kate Swift
§  Animation Producer: Sarah Biasello
§  Animation Creative Director: Ryan Summers
§  Design & Animation: Dave Kiehl

§  CREW:
§  Camera Operator: Ben Zuckerman
§  1st AC:  Nick Mac Arthur
§  Gaffer: Dave Diebel
§  Key Grip: Jason Bedard
§  Grip: Dan Ruud
§  Audio:  Phill Kerr
§  Art Director: Gab Wimmer
§  Wardrobe: Natalie Sparrow
§  Wardrobe Assist: Charli D

§  Location Scout: Chad Carr