Cities with the Most People in Financial Distress in 2024 – WalletHub Study

With inflation making it more difficult for Americans to keep up with payments on their loans and lines of credit, WalletHub today released its latest report on the Cities with the Most People in Financial Distress, to shed light on where Americans are having the biggest financial difficulties.

WalletHub compared the 100 largest cities without data limitations across nine key metrics. The data set includes factors like the average credit score, the change in the number of bankruptcy filings between December 2022 and December 2023, and the share of people with accounts in distress.

Most Distressed Least Distressed
1.Chicago, IL 91. Madison, WI
2. Houston, TX 92. Glendale, AZ
3. New York, NY 93. Jersey City, NJ
4. Los Angeles, CA 94. Pittsburgh, PA
5. Dallas, TX 95. Lincoln, NE
6. Las Vegas, NV 96. Des Moines, IA
7. San Antonio, TX 97. Chandler, AZ
8. Atlanta, GA 98. Gilbert, AZ
9. Riverside, CA 99. Scottsdale, AZ
10. Jacksonville, FL 100. Boise, ID

Key takeaways and WalletHub commentary are included below in text and video format. Feel free to use the provided content as is or edit the raw files as you see fit.

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