Synchrony and The Many Celebrate CareCredit’s “I Can” Campaign Winning Gold at the Healthcare Digital Marketing Awards

Revamped Digital Strategy Unveils Fresh Narratives and Enhanced Offerings for Proactive Wellness

Synchrony and The Many are thrilled to announce that the CareCredit “I Can” campaign has been awarded Gold at the 4th Annual Healthcare Digital Marketing Awards. This prestigious accolade underlines the campaign’s innovative health and wellness financing approach, propelling the brand to new heights in digital marketing excellence.

The “I Can” campaign, a collaborative effort between Synchrony and The Many, has been instrumental in redefining the narrative around healthcare financing, with its engaging content and empowering message resonating deeply with consumers, encouraging them to take control of their health and wellness journey.

Tim Donovan, Chief Marketing Officer at Synchrony, expressed his excitement: “Winning Gold at the Healthcare Digital Marketing Awards is a testament to the hard work and creativity poured into the ‘I CAN’ campaign. This achievement reinforces our commitment to empowering consumers in their pursuit of wellness.”

The campaign’s standout “True Love” spot, featuring a humorous twist with a man discussing his beloved dog, exemplifies the innovative and relatable content that has set the campaign apart. This approach has broadened the appeal of CareCredit and underscored the importance of health for all family members, including pets.

Josh Paialii, Head of Creative at The Many, adds, “This award is a recognition of our efforts to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving consumer landscape. We are proud to see our aspirational vision for health and wellness being celebrated.”