Oxford Industries: Good Returns Expected, Despite Market Risks

  • Oxford Industries is an apparel design, sourcing, and marketing company with successful brands like Tommy Bahama, Lilly Pulitzer, and Southern Tide.
  • The company operates through retail stores, e-commerce, and wholesale, and has a worldwide network of suppliers and manufacturers.
  • OXM has considerably strong financials when compared to sector medians and its major industry peers. It also has a strong valuation.
  • There are risks concerning the company’s liquidity at this time and long-term growth risks related to its ability to adapt to market shifts.
  • Due to the strong price, stable brand portfolio, and moderate nature of the risks, my analyst rating for OXM stock is a Buy.

Oxford Industries (NYSE:OXM) is currently undervalued based on my discounted cash flow analysis and is strong relative to peers on multiple metrics at this time. However, I have concerns about its long-term growth prospects elucidated by trends