Amouage Opens First Standalone Flagship in the Americas

Amouage, the Omani International High Perfumery House, anchors its global growth with the inauguration of its first standalone flagship on the American continent. Located at the heart of The Avenue at American Dream, the space is a refined modern patchwork blending organically the finest materials. As much a contemporary art destination as a boutique, the flagship store is an artistic depiction of a sunset in Oman against layers of rugged mountain peaks, envisioned by Amouage’s Chief Creative Officer Renaud Salmon and designed by Heroine Paris. The American Dream space comes on the heels of the opening of Amouage’s first flagship store in China, while several standalone boutiques are due to be unveiled in AsiaEurope, and the Gulf Cooperation Council region before the end of the year.

A treasured moment.

The initiatory journey to the heart of Amouage begins right from the store’s façade, with its colored veils pierced by concentric arches, which punctuate the perspective and recreate the unique cameo of the Omani valleys. Each veil evokes a moment in the sunset, delimiting a space and defining a function in the path of discovery. The rocky lacework on the right-hand side surrounds a monumental screen, which will present a seasonal digital art program curated by Amouage and provide a venue for performances and live events. For the boutique’s opening, original movies from New York-based artist, researcher and educator Zach Lieberman, as well as from French film director Thomas Vanz, are showcased on the screen. The approach is part of the Amouage Art Project, which has seen the House partner with several Omani and international artists and commission or acquire art pieces.

Perfumery elevated to the level of Art.

The art of Amouage perfumery reflects the selection of the rarest and most precious ingredients by Artist Perfumers, creating memorable notes. The left side of the boutique is dedicated to them: all the House’s olfactory stories unfold in the direction of the sun, up to a comfortable lounge with a consultation table. An infinite number of bottles nestled in the wall run for more than forty feet; some seem to be set in rock, as if petrified: they evoke the 40 years of the House’s existence. Others, backlit, interact with the consultation table, crafted by the award-winning designer Dimitry Hlinka. Guided by an advisor, the client chooses a key ingredient (the Facet, the perfume’s identity), an olfactory family or the intensity of its trail (the Aura) and then watches a constellation of fragrances corresponding to the criteria unfold on the wall.

Marco Parsiegla, Chief Executive Officer of Amouage, commented, “Each Amouage flagship is unique. When establishing new landmarks worldwide, the unique characteristics of each location influence the type of stores we create. Our geographically sensitive approach tailors the concept for each city, making every Amouage store globally distinctive. Each store is a gateway into the rich tapestry of Amouage’s sensorial world, creating an environment that sparks curiosity and fosters a desire to appreciate the intricacies of our House’s olfactory craftsmanship.”

The modern new space carries Amouage’s full range of Eaux de Parfum, Extraits de Parfum and Attars. Visitors also have the possibility to curate their very own Gift of Kings selection, choosing among hundreds of fragrances and leather case possibilities.

Amouage is located at The Avenue, American Dream, on Level 1. Store hours are Monday to Thursday (11 a. – 9 pm) and Friday and Saturday (11 am – 10 pm).