Turpaz Industries Appoints Pierre-Yves Cariou as Global Master Perfumer

Turpaz Industries (TASE: TRPZ) announces today the appointment of Pierre-Yves Cariou as the Global Master Perfumer for the Turpaz group. This is in line with Turpaz’s strategy to grow and develop its innovation track within the group.

With a career spanning over 30 years, Pierre-Yves brings a wealth of experience in fragrance creation and research and development. His expertise extends to the development of both natural and synthetic ingredients.

Having held key positions in internationally renowned fragrance companies such as Givaudan and IFF, Pierre-Yves has worked across the globe and his diverse experience reflects a deep understanding of the global fragrance market and a proven track record of success.

Karen Cohen Khazon, Turpaz Industries CEO stated that “We are excited to welcome Pierre-Yves Cariou to the Turpaz Industries group. We look forward to his expertise and creative vision contributing towards growing our capabilities and strengthening our position as a leader in the fragrance industry”.

Pierre-Yves Cariou’s appointment aligns with Turpaz Industries’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of fragrance innovation and delivering exceptional products to our customers worldwide.

About Turpaz

Turpaz was established in February 2011 and operates both directly and through its subsidiaries around the world in the development, production, marketing and sales of fragrance extracts used in the production of cosmetics and toiletries, personal care products and atmospheric application; also, natural and synthetic taste extracts, spice mixes and special flours (gluten-free) used in food and beverage production, unique intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry and the agro and fine chemical industry and citrus products and aromatic chemicals for the flavor and fragrance industry.

Company website: www.turpaz.co.il