Gautam Krishnamurthi Interviews Logan Havern, CEO & Founder at Datalogz

Logan is an innovator in the data space, solving the biggest challenges with business intelligence environments. Currently, he is the CEO & Founder of Datalogz, leading the company to help enterprises 5x their ROI on analytics by managing BI sprawl through cost reduction, performance enhancements, and risk elimination. Initially, Logan experienced data confusion early in his career at JetBlue Airlines and was motivated to build a platform to solve it. He built the first version of Datalogz himself before leading Datalogz through venture financing and commercial success. He studied engineering at Texas A&M, focusing on analytics, and is passionate about soccer, data, and running.

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Gautam Krishnamurthi has been a Partner at GreatPoint Ventures since 2021, investing in areas like enterprise software (automation/AI, data infrastructure), fintech, and commerce infrastructure. He sits on the boards or is a board observer with several portfolio companies including Symbl, Coalesce, Coherent, FeatureForm, and Datalogz. Prior to GreatPoint, Gautam was a Partner at Green Bay Ventures, where he was focused on the same verticals and invested in companies like Databricks, RapidAPI, Sisu, and Fidel. Before Green Bay, Gautam was at CapitalG (Google’s growth capital fund), where he invested in companies like UiPath, Robinhood, and Albert. Gautam began his career at Goldman Sachs, in the West Region Advisory group. Gautam is a graduate of Stanford University, where he was a member of the varsity football team.

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Interview questions:

Elevator Pitch | Give me the 2 minute elevator pitch for your business.

Introduction | Datalogz is creating a new sector called BI Ops – can you explain the need for this kind of solution in the market and how you came to the realization that it was a need?

Career/Founder | In 2021, you founded Datalogz. Since then, Datalogz has raised nearly $8M in venture funding and has gained a ton of traction in the market. Please provide some highlights of this entrepreneurial journey and your career prior to founding Datalogz.

Background | How was the transition from working at a major US airline to founding your own data company?

Data Ops | How does Datalogz fit in the data and analytics landscape?

Solution | What are some key functionalities of the Datalogz platform that incentivizes companies to buy? Who are the primary clients and what are their use cases?

Competition | How do you stack up against other data observability and cost monitoring solutions in the market?

Capital | What’s changed with the added capital in the company?

Logan – Gautam, why were you interested in investing?

Growth | Are you able to share the growth plans for Datalogz? Internal growth or directional plans for the company?

Future | What are you most excited about happening at Datalogz this year?

Datalogz is a a fast-growing, culture-focused, venture-backed young company on a mission to end BI sprawl. BI sprawl is a problem most data-mature organizations will have without the proper BI ops guardrails in place. BI sprawl leads to major problems including: overspending, security issues, governance risks, and overall misrepresentation of data. As organizations strive to harness the full potential of their data, Datalogz acts as a catalyst by streamlining data governance and enhancing the accuracy of decision-making. By identifying and rectifying data inconsistencies, security vulnerabilities, and underutilized resources, Datalogz not only ensures the reliability of analytics but also paves the way for agile and data-driven innovation. With its comprehensive insights into activity trends, performance issues, and security risks, Datalogz empowers agencies to confidently embrace new technologies and methodologies, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and propelling them towards successful digital and BI transformations.

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