Pulse Technology Offers Free eBook “The Ultimate Guide: Cybersecurity for Business”

Cybersecurity is a term that’s on the minds of many business owners these days. It’s a complex issue with its own vocabulary, and a lot of moving parts. That’s why Pulse Technology, a technology company serving the IT, Managed Print Services and other needs of businesses throughout the Midwest and beyond, has taken steps to de-mystify the term with the release of their new eBook, “The Ultimate Guide: Cybersecurity for Business.”

The Ultimate Guide: Cybersecurity for Business” is a 17-page book written by the IT experts at Pulse Technology and is available at no cost.

Chip Miceli, President and CEO of Pulse Technology, explained, “We know how important cybersecurity is to every business owner. Every company needs to make it a top focus to protect their systems, programs and networks from digital attacks.”  He continued, “We receive questions all the time about cybersecurity issues, and we believe that our book will provide a quick, at-a-glance look at the basic terminology of cybersecurity.”

The book is easy to read and provides a comprehensive “quick look” into the world of cybersecurity.

The book covers a number of key topics important to securing a company’s network, including:

  • How to create a secure password
  • How to identify phishing emails
  • The importance of multi-factor authentication
  • Should you use a public Wi-Fi network?
  • Should you allow USB and Bluetooth devices to be connected to your company network?
  • What is an SQL injection attack?
  • What are the types of tests that a company can undertake to determine its vulnerabilities?

The Ultimate Guide: Cybersecurity for Business” breaks down the cybersecurity terms into plain English, and offers actionable steps that employees and the business can take to secure their data networks.

Statistics show that the small business owner is far from immune to cyber attacks. In fact, 43% of all cyber attacks target smaller businesses. And another daunting statistic is that 60% of businesses which experience a significant data loss due to a cyber attack go out of business within six months.

“We enjoy conversations with business owners who have questions about cybersecurity, and encourage anyone who has one to contact us,” Mr. Miceli continued. He added, “And as a great additional step for anyone           who’s looking for a quick and easy-to-understand reference guide, we encourage you to take advantage of our free offer.”

Business owners with questions about the types of cyber attacks, the different kinds of phishing attacks, the steps that a company can take to protect data, and the important of penetration testing of a network, will find answers within the pages of “The Ultimate Guide: Cybersecurity for Business.”

There is no cost for the book, and anyone interested can obtain a free copy by visiting (https://www.pulsetechnology.com/cybersecurity-ebook).

About Pulse Technology

Pulse Technology is a leader in the field of print management, network services (IT), and other office solutions including furniture design and sales, office products, mailing equipment and their supplies, as well as custom and promotional products, with a history dating back to 1955. Pulse Technology is the re-branded name for several well-known area businesses: Des Plaines Office Equipment, McShane’s, and Kramer Leonard. With locations in Merrillville, IN, Rockford and Schaumburg, IL, Pulse Technology serves the needs of businesses across the Midwest.

The firm provides products and services to a diverse client base that includes schools, hospitals, law offices, accounting firms, and financial institutions, among others. The firm has won the Sharp Document’s Hyakuman Kai award for sales excellence since 1988 and the Elite Dealer by The Week in Imaging since 2007 and has been named to the Inc. 5000 list for fastest-growing businesses across the United States. Pulse Technology has also won the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award, and the ENX Magazine Difference Maker recognition. Pulse Technology has also been named to the “Best Places to Work in Illinois” for 2021, 2022 and 2023. For additional information, please call 847-879-6400 or visit https://pulsetechnology.com. Or visit the Pulse Technology LinkedIn page at https://www.linkedin.com/company/pulse-tech/