States Where Consumers Are Adding the Most Debt – WalletHub Study

Americans owe more than $2.7 trillion on their auto loans and credit cards alone, and the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on the States Where Consumers Are Adding the Most Debt to show where people are having the toughest time. WalletHub ranked the states where credit card, auto loan, and personal loan debt increased the most from Q3 2023 to Q4 2023 based on its proprietary data. This report comes on the heels of our recent analysis of the Household Debt Report.

Largest Increase Smallest Increase
1. Delaware 41. Utah
2. Alaska 42. Nebraska
3. Florida 43. Wisconsin
4. Maine 44. Montana
5. South Dakota 45. Michigan
6. Maryland 46. Oklahoma
7. New Jersey 47. Ohio
8. Hawaii 48. Mississippi
9. Texas 49. Kentucky
10. South Carolina 50. Rhode Island