$100K Starting Salary for ‘Emerging’ Tech Roles? In Some Cases, the Data Says Yes

Future tech jobs — that is, jobs in fields like artificial intelligence, extended reality and blockchain — are in demand, and they’re paying well.

How well? The salary for a machine learning engineer, whose job it is to develop, troubleshoot and maintain generative AI models, is about $170,000 on the low end, and can start as high as $350,000, according to the just-released Aquent 2024 Salary Guide. An augmented or virtual reality engineer’s mid-range salary is about $287,000.

Aquent, a Boston-based global staffing company, has been releasing salary guides annually since 2017. The 2024 guide is based on their data on more than 21,000 salaries by geography, gender and emerging roles, with a focus on marketing, creative and design professionals.