Java with Jim Interviews Bryan Fletcher, VP at FreeState Safety Training

Jim Ries, the Director of Business Development at Offit Kurman, interviews Bryan Fletcher, the Vice President of FreeState Safety Training. FreeState Safety Training is an offshoot of FreeState Gun Range and aims to provide a holistic solution to personal defense. They offer various courses such as situational awareness, active shooter training, workplace violence prevention, and carjacking avoidance. The company takes pride in being inclusive and focuses on training mindset for safety. They are planning an upgrade to their facility with a redesign that aligns with their website’s graphics. The future looks promising for FreeState Safety Training as they aim to reach a wider audience and double their revenue within the next six months. To learn more about Bryan Fletcher and FreeState Safety Training, visit

Bryan Fletcher – FreeState Safety Training


Jim Ries – Offit Kurman