Bicycle Parts Manufacturer Velo Orange, Following Soaring Sales During the Pandemic, Remains in High Gear

10-person company, which caters to touring and commuting bikes and has more than 1500 dealers, operates headquarters and warehouse at 6730 Dover Road in Glen Burnie, Maryland

Specialty bicycle parts manufacturer Velo Orange is in high gear. The company, owned by the husband-and-wife team of Igor Shteynbuk and Adrian Nelson, has maintained its accelerated pace of growth and sales in the post-pandemic era as it responds to a “new normal” level of activity while serving the needs of a network of more than 1500 authorized dealers around the world, as well as offering direct-to-consumer ecommerce purchases. The 10-person group operates its headquarters and warehouse from a nearly 15,000 square foot space at Dover Commons in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

Founded in 2006, Velo Orange designs, manufactures, and distributes a diverse array of bicycle frames, handlebars, fenders, and other components to discerning customers to further the company mission of promoting “Happy Riding” and provide equipment that ensures “maximum fun.”

According to research firm NPD Group, sales of bicycles in the United States more than doubled to $5.4 billion in 2020, as the pandemic-induced lockdown prompted Americans with increased time on their hands and few options to travel to explore their neighborhoods, or get some exercise, using two wheels. Of course, this practice is nothing new to pedestrian and bike-friendly European countries and cities in which utilizing a bike to travel to school and work is the preferred transportation option. The Netherlands boasts more than 20 million bicycles among its approximately 17 million habitants and spotting a car in Amsterdam is a rare occurrence.

The husband and wife team of Igor Shteynbuk and Adrian Nelson (Photo credit: Velo Orange)

“Our company hit its stride nearly from the outset given our niche product offerings, but we were injected with a second wind several years ago as bicycle-ownership soared and we have maintained our growth trajectory,” explained Adrian Nelson. “This momentum stems from our ability and expertise to provide specialized components that enhance the bicycle rider experience. The quality and endurance of the parts significantly impacts not only the value of the bicycles, but also the overall performance and ultimately enjoyment of the ride. The relationship our customers have with their bikes is unique given the amount of time they spend with their equipment, as well as how much they depend on them every day. In turn, they consistently turn to Velo Orange to achieve the next level of efficiency and excellence.”

The company specializes in customized bicycle frames including components suitable for all-road, gravel and off-the-beaten-path surfaces, as well as Mini-Velo frames designed for apartment dwellers, frequent travelers, and daily commuters. Handlebar varieties include drop, upright, flat and alt-bars which feature the integration of stems within the piece. Other components offered by the company include pedals, braking systems, wheels, rims, shift mechanisms, and fenders.

Located within the Bay Meadow Industrial Park, Dover Commons is situated at 6730 Dover Road and contains 66,600 square feet of industrial/warehouse space. The building features 23-to-25-foot ceiling heights and is situated adjacent to Interstate 695 (Baltimore Beltway), and MD Routes 10 (Richie Highway) and 710. BWI Airport is less than 10 miles from the site and the Port of Baltimore is approximately 30 miles away.

“Dover Commons addresses each of our real estate and operational needs, and we especially like the large trucking court which allows us to easily navigate the movement of 40’ foot trucking containers which arrive from overseas,” explained Igor Shteynbuk. “The high ceilings provide tremendous storage space and we were able to build-out our office space to exact requirements. The building’s setting, with a natural forest behind us, provides a peaceful and beautiful environment and is a perfect place for our employees to enjoy the outdoors and relax.

“We regularly receive materials from and send component shipments to the Port of Baltimore and BWI Airport, and both transportation hubs are easily accessed from our building,” he added. “This convenience saves significant time and money and makes a tremendous impact to the bottom line.”

“Adrian and Igor are a highly-experienced and entrepreneurial-driven team which have created an impressive brand in the cycling industry that has achieved brand loyalty,” stated Danielle Beyrodt, Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer of Hill Management Services. “They are indicative of the tremendously driven and motivated companies which continue to grow and prosper throughout our portfolio. Hill Management values our partnership with Velo Orange and our entire team is focused on providing the company with the resources and real estate they need to remain successful.”

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