Strategic Communications and Advertising Firm Betty&Smith Rebrands as alignco

Betty&Smith, a strategic communications and advertising firm, is now alignco – a company for today’s changemakers and tomorrow’s. Founded in 2018, the firm and its clients work to tackle some of the most pressing issues of our time – poverty, healthcare, racial inequity, climate, threats to personal freedoms, and the future of our democracy. Along with the launch of the alignco brand, the firm is announcing a strategic expansion of its team, as well as the promotions of several team members.

Founding partners Alison Betty and David Smith begin this new venture with decades of experience working at the center of some of the most competitive candidate, independent expenditure, and issue advocacy campaigns in the country. They are joined by a seasoned team of strategists responsible for creating award-winning campaigns for the nation’s leading foundations, trade associations, membership organizations and political candidates and committees.

“We’ve known for a while that we wanted to create a new brand that is a reflection of our expanded team and shared values,” said David Smith, founding partner. “As we approach this next election with so much on the line, from basic human rights to the future of our democracy, we begin this new chapter at a larger scale, powered by a brilliant team of innovators in campaign development, advertising, coalition building, digital media, and storytelling.”

“This is a natural evolution that represents the company we have become. We will continue to work with candidates, advocates, funders and more,” said Alison Betty, founding partner. “We do it with a clarity of purpose – grounded in the idea that if we more closely align our message with mission, inspiration with action, authenticity with excellence – we can fortify progressive causes and the people who lead them.”

Alignco is pleased to announce changes to the company’s expanded team:

Rhonda Craig-Williams has been promoted to Vice President. At alignco, Rhonda uses her media savvy to develop campaigns that generate widespread attention and resonate with diverse audiences. Driven by a deep commitment to social justice, Rhonda is passionate about advocating for equitable policies for historically marginalized communities. Adept at crafting compelling narratives and driving impactful messaging campaigns, Rhonda leverages her knack for storytelling and political acumen to help partners effectively convey key messages, enhance their brand reputation, and mobilize grassroots support.

Mihika Sapru-Jones has been promoted to Senior Director. Mihika is a data-driven, creative strategist with a passion for unearthing fresh audience perspectives and developing groundbreaking ideas as a result. She builds multi-media campaigns for a wide range of advocacy, philanthropic, and political partners and believes in the power of culture to change culture. A proud first-generation immigrant, Mihika credits her experience living and working across four continents for her passion for creating messages that resonate with diverse audiences. She has long worked at the intersection of digital advertising and progressive issues, having worked on electoral politics, criminal justice reform, and more at a DC-based digital agency, and on gender-based violence prevention and immigrant justice at a global human rights organization.

Benjamin Mitchell joins alignco as a Director. Ben is a writer and a storyteller at heart. As a veteran communications strategist, he goes beyond winning hearts and minds – he is committed to moving people to action. At alignco, Ben’s background as a network television news producer helps changemakers in and outside of politics hone the right message, tell the real story, and build campaigns that create meaningful change in people’s lives. Ben has led winning campaigns on an array of progressive causes including reproductive justice, healthcare access, climate change, and voting rights. Prior to moving to advocacy communications, Ben was an Emmy award-winning producer at CBS News.

Sydney HarpsUpshur joins alignco as a Senior Manager. Sydney brings her vast experience in communications, public service, and progressive advocacy that has fueled her passion to create compelling stories that promote equity, foster progress, and increase inclusivity. With a background in strategic public affairs and public relations, she has led comprehensive communication campaigns in federal and municipal government, crafting compelling narratives, and bringing the stories of her candidates and constituents to life. At alignco, Sydney is dedicated to shaping narratives that captivate, inspire, and drive positive change for all.

Kenzie Bender has been promoted to Account Executive. Kenzie plays an essential role in equipping advocates and nonprofits with the tailored communications support and resources they need to advance some of the most critical issues of our day. Kenzie applies exceptional project management skills and a deep-seeded passion for progressive causes to deliver on issues ranging from health insurance enrollment, Medicaid expansion, and more. No matter the issue at hand, Kenzie brings a steadfast commitment to our client’s cause and helps bring campaigns to life. Prior to joining alignco, Kenzie worked at a national organization building a network of support for cancer patients where she leveraged communications to advocate for policies that ensured patients and survivors could access care and resources.

About alignco: alignco is a full-service strategic communications, advertising, and digital agency that partners with today’s changemakers – and tomorrow’s – to drive lasting change and build a more equitable, just world. To learn more, visit