Dr. Paul Gagne Assumes Expanded Role as Chief of Clinical Operations and Research at Mangrove Management Partners

DARIEN, Conn. & BURLINGTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Vascular Care Group and Mangrove Management Partners, announced today that Dr. Paul Gagne, will assume an expanded leadership role as Chief of Clinical Operations and Research. In this capacity, Dr. Paul Gagne will further lead and enhance clinical operations and research initiatives, with a strong focus on improving standardization of care and clinical outcomes. 

Dr. Paul Gagne is an internationally recognized expert in the field of vascular surgery, including with respect to venous disease. A pioneer in vascular surgery research and innovative treatments, Dr. Gagne previously served as the Director of the Vascular Research Laboratory at New York University Hospitals Center. Dr. Gagne is also the founder of Vascular Breakthroughs, an innovative clinical trials platform advancing life-changing vascular disease treatments through multiple active clinical trials. In 2013, Dr. Gagne became the first surgeon in the State of Connecticut to implant a drug-eluting stent to reopen a blocked artery in the thigh of a person with peripheral artery disease. He has been an innovator and leader in the diagnosis and treatment of deep vein disease that leads to complications of chronic venous hypertension.

In his extended role, Dr. Paul Gagne will provide strategic leadership to optimize clinical workflows, enhance patient outcomes, and drive innovative research efforts while ensuring standardization of high-quality patient care. He will be instrumental in fostering a culture of continuous improvement, promoting collaboration among medical professionals, and maintaining ethical standards in clinical research.

“We are excited to announce Dr. Gagne’s expanded role as Chief of Clinical Operations and Research,” said Mark Rowe, CEO of Mangrove Management Partners. “His outstanding track record and unwavering commitment to excellence in patient care and innovation align perfectly with our mission. Dr. Paul Gagne’s leadership will play a pivotal role in advancing our vision, improving patient outcomes, and demonstrating the positive impacts to patients and the healthcare system by providing rapid access to innovative therapies in office-based settings.”

Dr. Gagne is eager to embrace these added responsibilities, stating, “I am honored to take on this extended role within The Vascular Care Group and Mangrove and to contribute to the advancement of vascular surgery, standardization of high-quality care, and improving patient outcomes. I look forward to collaborating with our dedicated staff to drive innovation and ensure the highest standards of care.”

About Mangrove Management Partners

Mangrove Management Partners is a healthcare practice management and technology platform company focused on changing the paradigm of the delivery of care with a specialized focus on the treatment of vascular disease. We form long-term affiliations with vascular providers through a unique model that aligns interests with physicians, management, and the hospitals we serve—in order to optimize the delivery of care and to deliver value: better clinical outcomes at a lower cost. Mangrove is relentlessly focused on safety, compliance, innovation, and best practices across the spectrum of clinical care and business management, and our affiliated physicians are committed to serving the communities in which they live and work. To learn more, visit www.mangrovemp.com.

About The Vascular Care Group

The Vascular Care Group (TVCG) is a growing group practice committed to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of vascular disease including both arterial and venous conditions. The practice brings together decades of expertise among a team of vascular specialists offering unparalleled care at several vascular centers in New England, including in Maine, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. TVCG’s comprehensive services range from non-invasive vascular testing to complex vascular surgeries, including a full spectrum of minimally invasive endovascular procedures performed in-office and open surgical care at affiliated hospitals. TVCG is dedicated to innovation in the vascular space and is an active leader in clinical trials, extensively participating in studies of cutting-edge technologies through its affiliated clinical trials management organization. More information about the practice can be found at https://vascularcaregrp.com/.