Empeq Receives Investment from Leonid Capital Partners

Empeq, a NYC-based technology company tackling national security challenges through advanced materials analysis, received an investment from Leonid Capital Partners.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed. The facility is tailored to Empeq’s Air Force Direct to Phase 2 SBIR contract, underscoring Leonid’s dedication to supporting ventures safeguarding America’s defense infrastructure.

Empeq will expand operations and business reach.

Led by CEO Herbert Dwyer, Empeq is an artificial intelligence technology company developing equipment and part identification and analysis solutions for critical national Hardware Supply Chain Security and energy applications. Their AI-powered platform enables rapid and accurate identification of equipment and parts, ensuring the integrity and reliability of military and critical infrastructure hardware.

Commenting on the news, Herbert Dwyer said “Leonid recognizes the urgency of our mission and has provided us with the financial resources we need to enhance our ability to protect our troops and ensure the integrity of our military equipment.”