Chad Effertz Joins Kula Bio as Head of Field Technology

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kula Bio, an innovative ag tech biofertilizer company, announces the appointment of Chad Effertz as the new Head of Field Technology. Effertz will be responsible for spearheading the company’s field research and application technology efforts in bringing their innovative biofertilizer, Kula-N, to market. 

This strategic move marks a significant step forward for Kula Bio as they continue to expand and strengthen their commercialization efforts.

Effertz comes with over 20 years of experience in the agricultural industry, with a strong background in product development and field research. He has a proven track record of successfully bringing new products to market and has held various leadership roles in both large and small companies. Among the more notable companies are: UPL Ltd. where he served as head of Development responsible for product development and product launches; Arysta LifeScience where he held several positions including head of Research and Development, herbicide product manager (USA) and herbicide and insecticide product manager. He also worked for Agro-Tech Inc., Aventis, and Bayer Crop Science, AgrEvo, and Hoechst-Roussel.

“His expertise and passion for sustainable agriculture makes him the perfect fit for Kula Bio as we strive to provide farmers with a high-performance, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fertilizers,” says Kula Bio CEO Bill Brady. “Chad encompasses the rare credentials that include both science and marketing. We welcome him to the team and as we continue to strengthen and grow the opportunities we envision for our exciting new technology.”

Kula Bio is set to launch a game-changing biofertilizer that utilizes a unique microbial technology to convert nitrogen from the atmosphere into a plant-available form. This not only reduces the need for synthetic nitrogen sources, but also mitigates the negative environmental impacts associated with their use.

“Kula Bio represents a great opportunity for more sustainable crop production without sacrificing yield,” Effertz says. “I am eager and looking forward to the challenge.”

Effertz holds a BS and MS in plant science for North Dakota State University.

About Kula Bio

Kula Bio, a leader in sustainable agriculture, is harnessing the power of naturally occurring microbes to provide a sustainable alternative to traditional nitrogen fertilizers. Utilizing supercharged microbes and precision application, Kula Bio provides an environmentally friendly, efficient, and cost competitive alternative to traditional nitrogen sources. To learn more, visit