To Expand Board of Directors

The American Youth Literacy Foundation 501c3 dba FUNetix® and has announced that it will be expanding its Board of Directors to fill 15 seats on the FUNetix Board.

The new directors will play a pivotal role in guiding the marketing, distribution and community outreach success of the FUNetix 12 Hour Reading App, a stand alone, 100% free, all-platform app that can teach virtually any child how to read in 12 hours.

“FUNetix is fundamentally changing the way reading will be taught to every American child,” says founding executive director, Mr. R. Kali Woodward. “The literacy crisis that has plagued American school children for decades, is coming to a very abrupt end, because if ANY child can now learn how to read in 12 hours for free, then there simply is no reason why EVERY child can’t learn how to read by Thanksgiving, 2025.”

The FUNetix Board of Directors will help establish wide ranging partnerships between parents, teachers, schools, non-profits, cause-centric corporations and corporate foundations, local, state and federal government entities in order to bring about an epochal shift in literacy achievement in America over the next two years and beyond.

The board application process will commence in March, 2024. Nonprofit, business and community leaders of all geographies, backgrounds and experience are encouraged to apply. Board members will be selected on the basis of their genuine interest in children’s literacy, and their ability to help build the critical cooperative relationships required to usher in change of this magnitude and proportion.

A webinar showcasing the FUNetix app and ecosystem will be held in February for interested candidates. Please contact for details.

The American Youth Literacy Foundation, Inc., 501c3 is the preeminent literacy nonprofit in the nation, dedicated to the single purpose of reversing the children’s literacy crisis and ensuring that every child in America learns how to read by the end of third grade. Formed in 2008, the foundation is nearing the completion of its primary mission with the FUNetix 12 Hour Reading App, which can teach virtually any child how to read in just 12 hours, and which is 100% free and available for download and use on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers worldwide. 

Additional information: Contact Doug Stine Marketing Lead,