Baltimore Youth are Turning Under Armour Samples into Bags for the City’s Unhoused Population

Digital Harbor Foundation’s (DHF) tech center opened in Federal Hill in 2013 as a space for Baltimore’s youth to explore STEM opportunities.

The center is led by Robert Moore, also known as “Mr. Rob” by many of the youth who frequent the center. Moore said his title as director of the center depends on who you ask. There has been some reorganization within DHF, and he said technically his title is still manager. The self-proclaimed “manager-slash-director” doubled down on his passion for STEM and Baltimore’s young people on a call with

“My calling is direct service to the youth and I’m super excited to be able to work in that capacity,” said the DC native, pointing to a “rack” (DC slang for “a lot”) of things that youth might learn at the center through its beginner, intermediate and advanced programs.