Arglass Appoints Ron Holmes As Vice President Of Sales, Marketing And Sustainability

Ron Holmes

VALDOSTA, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Glass container manufacturer Arglass has appointed beverage industry expert Ron Holmes as its new vice president of sales, marketing & sustainability. Holmes will oversee and promote the company’s substantial sustainability efforts as it prepares to expand production capabilities at its Valdosta, Georgia, headquarters.

Holmes joins Arglass from alcoholic beverage company Diageo, from which he brings over 15 years of experience in sustainability and environmental safety. As head of its North American packaging and technology department, Holmes reduced Diageo’s paper consumption by 10 million pounds and carbon emissions by 10 thousand metric tons. He most recently ran sustainability operations and communications for Diageo’s tequila division, and he previously headed environmental safety efforts within General Electric’s transportation and aviation divisions.

Holmes brings his extensive expertise in sustainability operations and marketing to Arglass at a pivotal point for the company. In the coming months, company will expand its state-of-the-art production capabilities while also advancing sustainability efforts through closed-loop water systems, carbon-negative raw materials and a glass recycling partnership with The Upcycling Company.

“Arglass sets the standard for sustainability in the glass container industry with its commitment to constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation throughout its operations,” said Holmes. “Glass may be an old invention, but it holds the key to a more sustainable future, and I’m excited to join a company so dedicated to that endeavor.”

“Ron brings a track record of excellence as Arglass prepares to break new ground in the glass manufacturing industry’s sustainability efforts,” said Arglass Chairman and CEO José de Diego Arozamena. “His expertise is exactly what we need to ensure our facility continues to be the most innovative and sustainable in North America.”

Holmes holds an M.S. in environmental health and safety from Gannon University in Pennsylvania, and he earned his bachelor’s in environmental science from Youngstown State University in Ohio. He also has certifications in leadership and sustainability from Yale and Oxford. Holmes serves on the board of directors for the Glass Recycling Foundation.

About Arglass

Arglass is a privately held American glass container manufacturer that was born to reinvent the industry. With a state-of-the-art facility in Valdosta, Georgia, Arglass has developed the most agile, innovative and sustainable operation in North America, capable of meeting the evolving needs of a dynamic consumer market.

Driven by rigorous agility and process discipline, Arglass brings new products to market and produces wider-ranging runs with unmatched speed and cost effectiveness. Relentlessly innovating, Arglass infuses a startup mentality and unmatched focus on the customer to every aspect of its business, while differentiated, holistic sustainability practices establish a truly “clean glass” ecosystem.