Eight Japanese Students Visit the Morikami as Part of a Scientific Cultural Exchange Program

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens hosted eight Japanese students from Sagano High School from Kyoto, Japan as part of a dynamic environmental science exchange program in collaboration with Jupiter High School. The afternoon showcased the students’ scientific knowledge while touching upon the significance of international exchange programs.

Host families, museum staff, docents and volunteers gathered in the classroom at the museum to listen to various presentations led by the students about diverse topics relating to Japanese culture, the environment and climate issues. Students went through a variety of stories from personal experiences with the recent devastating Noto Peninsula Earthquake affecting Kyoto , to wild urban legends about catfish being the cause of natural disasters.

The students were formally recognized by the Japanese Consulate General representative and cultural attaché, Kenichiro Irisawa. Noting the invaluable benefits derived from foreign exchange programs, Irisawa commended the students for their dedication to cross-cultural understanding.

“Using our five senses is a crucial part of learning,” said Kenichiro Irisawa. “The students from Sagano High will benefit tremendously from their visit to the United States as they are able to firsthand experience the culture.”

Following the presentations, students and guests were given a private tour of the lush Japanese gardens by Garden Curator, Heather Grzybek. During the tour, Heather shared the story of George Morikami, the individual for whom the museum and gardens are named, and provided insights into the history of the 16-acre gardens. Additionally, the participants also got the opportunity to learn how to rake the karesansui, a dry landscape garden.

“This afternoon was a unique and personal way for the students to see how Americans celebrate and cherish Japanese culture,” said Grzybek. “The Morikami has been honored to host these impressive students. I know we’ve learned just as much from them as they have from their time here today.”

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens is located at 4000 Morikami Park Road, Delray Beach. For more information, call (561) 495-0233 or visit morikami.org.

About Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens has been a center for Japanese art and culture in South Florida since opening in 1977. Morikami invites guests to discover its South Florida history, connection with Japan, and explore a series of six diverse gardens, each inspired by a different historical period and style of Japanese gardening. Visitors experience traditional and contemporary Japanese culture through engaging exhibits, varied educational programs and seasonal events, a world-class bonsai display, Pan-Asian cuisine, and a distinctive museum store. Morikami Museum is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums.