Elixirr Acquires Insigniam

Elixirr, the established, global award-winning challenger consultancy, today announced it has acquired U.S. management consultancy Insigniam.

Insigniam, which employs 53 people worldwide, have been undisputed market leaders in organizational breakthroughs, innovation and transformations for more than 35 years, and today work across industries, with a strong focus on healthcare, pharmaceuticals, retail and consumer packaged goods.

As Elixirr’s third acquisition to-date in the United States, today’s deal marks the latest step in the firm’s strategy to diversify its service offering, expand its global presence, and become the fastest-growing U.S. challenger consultancy in 2024.

Insigniam has built an unparalleled reputation for catalyzing change in the U.S. and European markets, expanding Elixirr’s footprint in both these important geographies. The firm focuses on getting to the root of clients’ challenges – using experienced teams to truly understand clients’ cultural and strategic problems. Through its work, Insignaim guides the leaders and employees in an organization through breakthroughs, large-scale innovation and transformation. Their model combines their clients’ deep knowledge of their business with Insigniam’s expert insights and unique methods for fresh thinking, altering behavior and maximizing results – honed over decades of working with executives and large enterprises.

As part of the acquisition, Elixirr welcomes four new partners into the team: Insigniam Co-Founding Partners Shideh Sedgh Bina and Nathan Owen Rosenberg, and Katerin Le Folcalvez and Jennifer Zimmer.

Commenting on today’s news, Stephen Newton, CEO and Founder of Elixirr, said: “I am exceptionally proud to expand our team, bringing in those who share in Elixirr’s ethos, entrepreneurial spirit and desire to create meaningful change – and in Insigniam we have found exactly that.

“For more than 35 years, Insigniam has built a prestigious reputation and is trusted by world-leading clients, further supplementing our ability to serve the U.S. market.

“I look forward to seeing the impact of their team’s unique approach to consulting, which looks deeply into the areas many consultancies often overlook. When combined with Elixirr’s strategy, technology and execution capabilities, together we can offer our respective clients much greater value to meet their toughest challenges in an even more impactful, dynamic way.

“Today’s acquisition is a huge leap toward our ambitious plans to become the fastest growing and best challenger consultancy in the U.S. in 2024.”

Shideh Sedgh Bina, Co-Founder of Insigniam, said: “We are thrilled that Elixirr not only expands our ability to provide an enhanced range of services for our clients, but also enables us to partner with C-suite executives to design and execute on their fit-for-21st-century-agenda. The Elixirr disrupter mindset, entrepreneurial culture and leadership team are perfectly aligned with our commitment to serve our clients to deliver remarkable results. Like Insigniam, Elixirr is not afraid to challenge convention, talk straight and disrupt the status quo. Elixirr and Insigniam both hold dear an ethos of deep client service, and we believe that together, combining the best of ‘being human’ with technology and data, we will deliver dramatic new outcomes for our clients.”

Nathan Owen Rosenberg, Co-Founder of Insigniam, said: “Insigniam’s combination with Elixirr gives our clients a range of services that, in my scan of the market, has not been available. Already, the Elixirr partners and Insigniam partners are collaborating to catalyze new value for our combined clients, as well as working on a new set of offerings. Literally, we can now offer the full range of expertise and services needed to transform a CEO’s agenda into reality. Clients will see new capabilities to fulfil their intentions. We now provide extraordinary value to the CEO and his or her team and to each executive in the C-suite, beyond what either firm could offer before the combination.”

Looking into 2024, Elixirr seeks to become the fastest-growing consulting firm in the U.S., pursuing additional targeted capability acquisitions, continued growth in the leadership team, and a strong focus on increasing its digital, data and AI offerings, a sector expected to grow twentyfold by 2030.

Elixirr’s U.S. footprint has been steadily increasing since 2017. The U.S. team size more than doubled last year and revenue trajectory from U.S. clients is approaching half the business. Key contributors to expansion in the North American market have included the purchase of end-to-end enterprise data and analytics firm iOLAP in 2022 and the acquisition of the Large Language Model and generative AI acceleration platform company, Responsum, in September 2023.

These two prior acquisitions have enhanced Elixirr’s ability to offer services in the emerging technology space, strengthened its overall data and analytics capability, and accelerated the firm’s ability to develop end-to-end generative AI business use-case solutions (including sales productivity, cross-sell, customer service, self-service, proactive marketing campaigns, regulation and compliance).

About Elixirr:
Elixirr is an award-winning global consulting firm working with clients across a diverse range of industries, markets and geographies. Founded in 2009, the firm set out to be the ‘challenger consultancy’ and do things differently than the large corporate consultancies dominating the industry: working openly and collaboratively with clients from start to finish, delivering outcomes based on innovative thinking, not methodology, and treating each client’s business like their own. In 2020, Elixirr listed with AIM on the London Stock Exchange. Following strong organic growth, Elixirr adopted a multi-brand strategy and has since acquired six boutique firms – Insigniam, Responsum, Den, Coast Digital, Retearn and iOLAP – to grow their capabilities, expand into new geographies and markets, access new clients and talent, and more.